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MDS200-16 GeneSiC

MDS200-16 GeneSiC
#MDS200-16 GeneSiC MDS200-16 New Types from 1600V/200A, MDS200-16 pictures, MDS200-16 price, #MDS200-16 supplier


MDS200-16 Features
• High Surge Capability
• Types from 800 V to 1600 V
• Not ESD Sensitive
Maximum ratings, at Tj = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified
Repetitive peak reverse voltage VRRM 1600V
Reverse unrepeated voltage VRSM 1760V
Operating temperature Tj -40 to 150 °C
Electrical characteristics, at Tj = 25 °C, unless otherwise specifiedSingle phase, half sine wave, 50 Hz, resistive or inductive load.For capacitive load derate current by 20%.
Average forward current IF(AV) 200A
Types from 1600V/200A

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