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The advantages and precautions of the use of the two-jaw chuck for the rear pull oblique column

The advantages and precautions of the use of the two-jaw chuck for the rear pull oblique column

The two-jaw chuck of the back-drawn oblique column can upgrade the original equipment, optimize the traditional multi-clamping and multi-sequence processing mode to a single-clamping multi-sequence processing mode, improve the automation degree of the original equipment, and improve the processing accuracy and Production efficiency, reduce production costs.

Explanation of the advantages of using the two-jaw chuck for the rear pull oblique column:
own advantages:

  • 1, the in-position detection device improves the safety performance of the chuck;
  • 2, the unique sealing structure and high-quality seals make the chuck better sealing performance;
  • 3. The material of low-deformation alloy steel is combined with the surface nitriding process to extend the life of the chuck;
  • 4. The military-grade processing level ensures that the indexing accuracy is within 2 wires, and the repeat positioning accuracy is within 0.02mm.

Competitive Advantage:

  • 1. The processing range of the same specification chuck is increased by 35%, which reduces the equipment investment cost;
  • 2. The weight of the chuck of the same specification is reduced by 25%, and the adaptability of the chuck and the CNC lathe is enhanced;
  • 3. The processing speed of the chuck of the same specification is increased by 10%, which improves the processing efficiency and product quality.

Points to note when pulling the inclined column two-jaw chuck after use:

Customers who have just used front-mounted pneumatic chucks, hydraulic chucks, and hydraulic chucks must pay attention to the following issues, which have a good effect on extending the life of our chucks. The general service life of chucks is more than 3 years. (A very small number of customers carelessly use the chuck, which will cause the chuck to become necrotic within a few months.) Under normal circumstances, the protected chuck can be used for 5-10 years.

  • 1. The chuck must be buttered for the second use. It is twice as much as we usually use, and the weight can be reduced in the future. There is no restriction on the brand of butter, and cooling butter must be used for high speeds.
  • 2. For the chuck that works every day, spend 1 minute on commuting and use a hair dryer to clean up the iron slag, grease, etc. in the work.
  • 3. The sub-jaw or collet in the front-mounted chuck can hold about 100,000 workpieces. It is recommended to replace it with a new pair of sub-jaws, which is beneficial to maintaining accuracy.

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