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Analyze the different feeding methods of double-end grinder

Analyze the different feeding methods of double-end grinder

The machining accuracy that can be achieved by the double-end surface grinder is the first choice for machining workpieces that require high parallelism, size, and surface roughness of the top and bottom of the machined parts. The big difference between it and ordinary surface grinder z is: instead of fixing the workpiece by magnetism, the upper and lower planes of the workpiece are ground together in parallel. In other words, no matter whether the workpiece is copper or other non-magnetic materials, it can be processed. Uniform feed, fast speed and high efficiency. Compared with the grinding machine, the processing efficiency is 10 times that of the grinding machine on the basis of achieving the same accuracy, and it also saves the man-hours of cleaning the grinding paste.

Three feeding methods of double-end grinder:

1. Swing arm plunge type

Swing arm plunge-cut double-end grinding is the use of tooling for pendulum arm plunge grinding, and the workpiece is ground between CBN grinding wheels. In this way, circular reciprocating oscillating grinding can also be carried out. Generally used in processing workpieces, the efficiency requirements are not high. However, the cnc machining allowance of the workpiece is relatively large. Generally, the machining allowance of the workpiece for double-end grinding in this way is between 0.15mm-0.25mm. And the precision of the workpiece is very high, the CPK is above 1.33. The swing arm plunge-type double-end face grinder has low processing efficiency among the three grinding feed modes, but high processing accuracy.

2. Rotating through type

Rotary through-type double-face grinding is generally suitable for the processing of small and medium-sized workpieces. The rotary feeder itself has the function of automatic feeding and unloading, so it is more suitable for the processing of bearing rings, blades and other workpieces. The rotary through-type double-face grinding machine is used in Among the three grinding methods, the machining accuracy and machining efficiency are relatively high. The machining accuracy is between 0.003mm-0.005mm.

3. Passing formula

Through-type double-end face grinder is a continuous processing method. The workpiece enters between two CBN grinding wheels one by one through the feeding belt for continuous grinding. This grinding method has high processing efficiency and low processing accuracy. Generally, the cnc machining accuracy is controlled within 0.01mm.

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