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It can avoid the sticking of the glass engraving machine

It can avoid the sticking of the glass engraving machine

In terms of name, the glass engraving machine is very similar to the engraving machine, but in fact there are many differences. From the functional point of view, there are some overlaps with the engraving machine, but generally speaking, the function is more powerful than that of the engraving machine. Yes, its powerful place lies in milling, this function is actually not available in the engraving machine.

With the development of manufacturing technology, the scope of application of glass engraving machine is becoming wider and wider. We can see it in many fields and industries. It is very suitable for cutting and engraving various materials, but some users are using it. During the period, there was a sticky knife problem, what is going on? How to solve this problem?

The main reason for sticking the knife is cutting materials with low melting point, such as foam, acrylic and other materials, because the spindle rotates at a high speed, a large amount of heat is generated, which causes the material to be melted, and the material is stuck to the laser cutting tool paper, resulting in processing The progress and quality are affected. In addition, when engraving materials such as copper and aluminum, the shredded pieces are also likely to be adsorbed on the knife paper.

To avoid sticking the knife, it needs to be dealt with separately:

  • 1. If you are engraving materials that are easy to melt, you need to choose a sharper tool to reduce the heat generated during processing, and reduce the speed of the spindle to reduce the processing speed. In addition, increase the feed speed. It can shorten the stay time of the tool at the same position and reduce the probability of the material being melted.
  • 2. If you need to process copper, aluminum and other materials, you need to improve the cooling method. You can add some butter to the material to reduce heat generation and reduce the chance of crushing and adsorbing on the tool. In addition, replace the tool. , Replace sharp cutters, and reduce the feed speed.

If the cutter is offset, even ordinary engraving and engraving and milling will have large and serious deviations. Therefore, in our actual production process, it can be touched by hand for more than 1-2 seconds, not exceeding 60 degrees. You can only touch it with your hands, about 70-80 degrees. A few drops of water quickly vaporize, and the temperature is above 90 degrees, which is to reduce copper loss and iron loss.

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