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How to adjust the accuracy of CNC lathes is a very important thing

How to adjust the accuracy of CNC lathes is a very important thing

The CNC lathe is a precision lathe with high precision, high rigidity, high speed, high efficiency and high cost performance. Adopt horizontal flat guide rail structure, resin sand casting, good rigidity; guide rail quenching and fine grinding, precision and precision retention are better.

The accuracy of a lathe is very important to the work of a lathe, and errors in accuracy are very fatal to production, and how to adjust the accuracy is a very important thing. The following CNC lathe manufacturers will come to see with you how to improve the accuracy of the lathe

  • 1. First, study how to improve the accuracy of CNC lathe processing from the aspect of mechanical adjustment. The adjustment of the machine tool mainly includes these parts, such as the spindle, the bed and the inserts, etc., so that the lathe can meet the requirements and improve the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe. It must be monitored in real time during the work process and continuously optimized. Insufficiency in the lathe, in order to timely adjust the production site for better products.
  • 2. It is the improvement made in the aspect of electromechanical joint debugging. To improve the machining accuracy of the parts, the main reason is to improve the reverse deviation, positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. In terms of reverse deviation, when the deviation is too large, we must first correct it by mechanical and manual methods, and then use professional methods to further optimize when the error is within a certain range. In the adjustment of positioning accuracy, the error is continuously optimized through the degree of the microscope.
  • 3. This is through electrical adjustments. The adjustments in this area mainly include two aspects. One is the adjustment of machine tool parameters. In this angle, there are two aspects that affect the machining accuracy are the system gain and positioning. Dead zone, in terms of system gain, we should pay attention to the mechanical damping of the lathe and the moment of inertia, which all affect the accuracy of the lathe’s processing. There is also to minimize the dead zone of positioning, which can also improve the accuracy of lathe operation. These two aspects are complementary and must be adjusted at the same time. Another aspect is that it can be adjusted through the application of some systems. Due to the continuous improvement of automation, CNC lathes use automatic remote control during operation, so we need to enter a series of real-time monitoring during remote control. In this way, there is no need for excessive manual intervention, so that it can be supervised more effectively, and the control setting can be supervised through the program, and then the accuracy of the lathe processing can be improved.

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