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Key Technologies of CNC Machining Services for Cloud Manufacturing

Key Technologies of CNC Machining Services for Cloud Manufacturing

With the in-depth development of information technology in the manufacturing industry towards networking, intelligence and service, the concept of cloud computing has been introduced into the manufacturing industry, resulting in the concept of cloud manufacturing. Cloud manufacturing is a new service-oriented networked manufacturing model.

It aims to provide the whole life cycle process of manufacturing with readily available, on-demand, safe, reliable, high-quality and low-cost through the intelligent management and operation of manufacturing resources. Of various manufacturing activities

  1. The concept of cloud manufacturing draws on and expands the achievements of cloud computing and existing advanced manufacturing models, fully embodies the concept of service-oriented manufacturing, and provides a new way of thinking for resource sharing and high-efficiency and low-consumption production. [
  2. On the other hand, cloud manufacturing needs to integrate various manufacturing resources such as equipment resources, software resources, human resources, and logistics resources, which is far more complex than cloud computing. The development, implementation and application of the cloud manufacturing service platform is a complex and systematic project [
  3. especially cloud services that target the design, processing, and manufacturing of complex products. In the specific implementation, there are also a large number of services such as the service-oriented process technology and the integration of manufacturing resources.
    Technical issues need to be resolved. In modern machinery manufacturing technology, CNC machining is an effective way to realize high-efficiency, automation and flexible machining, especially in the manufacture of variable varieties, small batches, complex shapes, and high-precision parts. This article will combine its process characteristics and technological development, analyze its cloud service principles and functional requirements, and study the realization methods and key technologies of cloud services for CNC machining. Cloud manufacturing is a new form of networked manufacturing, which belongs to the category of networked manufacturing. However, compared with the traditional networked manufacturing model, due to the integration of cloud computing, Internet of Things, service computing and other technologies, the system architecture of cloud manufacturing is more It is flexible, more scalable and extensible. Literature [2] has conducted a more detailed analysis on this. Cloud manufacturing service is a kind of manufacturing service based on cloud technology. Through the cloud, the manufacturing capabilities of real enterprises can form integrated services to meet the personalized manufacturing service needs of customers
  4. Cloud manufacturing refers to manufacturing in a broad sense, including design, simulation, technology, processing/assembly, testing, logistics, supply chain and maintenance/repair, and even scrapping, and other links in the entire product life cycle
  5. If the various resources and manufacturing capabilities involved in each link are described, and further virtualized and packaged with the support of the knowledge base of the corresponding field, the manufacturing cloud service can be formed as a cloud service for short.
  6. A large number of cloud services are aggregated according to certain rules to form a large cloud service resource pool, that is, manufacturing cloud, so as to provide users with transparent, open, and on-demand cloud services. At the same time, the cloud manufacturing system has strong flexibility and dynamics, and the cloud service in the manufacturing cloud can be managed uniformly and efficiently through the cloud service deployment platform
  7. Therefore, cloud manufacturing can be seen as an organic collection of various cloud services (such as design services, simulation services, processing services, and maintenance services, etc.). Cloud service embodies a demand-driven self-organizing manufacturing model, and users do not need to directly deal with various service nodes.

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