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#LQ084S3LG02 SHARP LQ084S3LG02 New LQ084S3LG02 Sharp 8.4″ LCM 800×600 350 450:1 65/65/60/55 262K/16.2M CCFL LVDS, LQ084S3LG02 pictures, LQ084S3LG02 price, #LQ084S3LG02 supplier


Brand Sharp
Model LQ084S3LG02  
Diagonal Size8.4 inch
Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM 
Pixel Format 800(RGB)×600 
Weight 450g (Max.)
Designed For Industrial
Frame Rate 60HzTouch
Panel Without
Interface Type LVDS (1 ch, 6/8-bit) , 20 pins Connector
Power Supply 3.3V (Typ.) 
Environment Operating Temperature: -30 ~ 80 °C ; Storage Temperature: -30 ~ 80 °C ; Vibration Level: 2.0G (19.6 m/s²)

LQ084S3LG02 inverter, LQ084S3LG02 power supply, LQ084S3LG02 Electronic board, LQ084S3LG02 VGA board, LQ084S3LG02 touchscreen available.

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