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BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 Eupec

BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 Eupec
#BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 Eupec BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 New Eupec IGBT BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 1200V/1100A/2700W, BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 pictures, BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 price, #BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 supplier


Part # Aliases:BSM400GA120DN2S-E3256
Manufacturer: Infineon
Product Category: IGBT Modules
• Single switch
• Including fast free-wheeling diodes
• Package with insulated metal base plate

Collector-emitter voltage VCE 1200V
Collector-gate voltage RGE = 20 kW,VCGR 1200V
Gate-emitter voltage VGE ± 20V

Gate-emitter voltage VGE ± 20
DC collector current TC = 25 °C TC = 80 °C, IC 550A
Pulsed collector current, tp = 1 msTC = 25C to 125 °C ICpuls 1100A
Power dissipation per IGBT TC = 25 °C Ptot 2700W
Chip temperature Tj + 150 °C
Storage temperature Tstg -40 … + 125°C

Eupec IGBT BSM400GA120DN2S_E3256 1200V/1100A/2700W

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