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App User Targeting – Repeat App is again the focus of audit

On December 3, Apple released its latest list of 2021 Featured Apps and Games. The 2021 iPhone App of the Year is Spectre Camera, the 2021 iPad App of the Year is Flow by Moleskine, the 2021 Mac App of the Year is Affinity Publisher, the 2021 iPhone Game of the Year is Light Encounter, the 2021 iPad Game of the Year is Hyper Light Drifter”, and “GRIS” for Mac Game of the Year.

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Apple was awarded the patent for under-screen Touch ID: Mac, iPhone will be used

Apple filed a patent application for under-screen Touch ID with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March 2021 and has now been granted the patent. The Touch ID on the newly released MacBook Pro 16 already uses an optical sensor for identification.

Apple will offer “surprises” on the App Store from Dec. 24 to 29

Apple will be offering more holiday gifts to users with its App Store promotions, according to a report from the media. From Dec. 24 to Dec. 29, Apple will offer “surprises” on the App Store every day.

iPhone user churn rate climbs, from 5 percent to 9 percent

Analyst Nehal Chokshi wrote in a client report, “Survey data shows a worrying rise in iPhone user churn,” with churn rising from 5 percent to 9 percent of the installed base; this indicates that 9 percent of iPhone users plan to abandon Apple products. This compares to an inflow rate of 7 percent, down from 13 percent in the 2017 survey.

December App Store Data Overview

Number of App Store New/Lowered Apps

In December, a total of 36,397 products were added to the App Store, down from November; a total of 71,463 products were removed from the App Store, basically the same as in November.

Among the new apps, the number of game, tool, business, life, education and entertainment apps is the most, among which the number of game apps added is more than 5000, followed by tool apps with more than 4000.

The top 6 categories are games, life, education, business, tools, and entertainment. Games App had the largest number of downgrades, with 12,148 apps in total. The next category is Life and Education App, and the number of Business, Tools and Entertainment App decreases in order.

Monthly Statistics of Review Cycle in December

On December 10, Apple announced that iTunes Connect will be closed during the Christmas holiday, from December 23 to December 27. This may be the reason for the significant increase in review times in December.

Monthly Ranking of Rejected Terms in December

Clause 2.3 (accurate metadata) was the most rejected clause in December, accounting for 28.83% of the total, a slight increase from the previous month. Clause 2.1 (App completeness) was the second most rejected clause, accounting for 16.44% of the total. Clause 4.3 (Duplicate App) was the third most rejected clause, accounting for 6.53% of the total. Clause 5.1.1 (Data collection and storage), Clause 2.5 (Software requirements), and Clause 3.1.1 (In-app purchase items) were also the most rejected clauses. It seems that Apple has increased the review of clause 4.3 (Duplicate App), so we would like to remind developers to pay attention to the differentiation between products and not to upload multiple vest packages, otherwise they will be easily rejected.

December Title/Sub-title Statistics

Among the titles reviewed in December, the number of titles with 1-5 characters in the main title range was the largest, with a total of 19,235, followed by titles with 6-10 characters in the range, with a total of 11,184, and a relatively small number of titles with more than 11 characters, with decreasing numbers of long characters in each range. The number of titles in other intervals is relatively small.

In December, the keyword “platform” is still the most frequently used title word, with 3360 occurrences, accounting for 11.06%. The next most frequently used words are “game”, “management”, “life”, “service”, “video”, “service” and “video”. Video”, “Assistant”, “Smart”, “Learning” and “Software”. Software”. The above 10 keywords are used more frequently in App names.

The trend of keyword ranking optimization rate in December

In December, the average achievement rate of keyword ranking optimization was 91.9%, the highest rate was 96%, and the lowest rate was 87% on December 29. On the whole, it seems that there is no significant fluctuation in the achievement rate at the beginning and end of the month.

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