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Travel app downloads jump to 86% as restrictions lift

Things are warming up and opening up, which we can see with downloads. The Mobile Download Index for the Travel category in the U.S. App Store is up to 86% year over year. Table of Content The Top Mobile Apps ...

In app payment process & 5 tips for passing the audit

If developers want to unlock access to things like subscriptions, in-game currency, game levels, etc. in the App, they must use an in-app purchase program. There are four types of in-app purchase programs that developers can offer. Table of Content ...

MobileAction launches a free ASO Plan to support app developers

Mobile Action launches a free ASO plan called ASA, which covers all the essential keyword tools for App Store Optimization (ASO) and Apple Search Ads Intelligence for developers to conduct keyword research and competitor analysis. Table of Content Keyword Suggestion ...

Why are puzzle casual games so hot

The gameplay is similar to that of many elimination games in that you can watch ads for props, cash bonuses, and rewards that can be cashed. In addition, “Love to Eliminate” also covers the cash bonuses under the game bricks ...

In addition to Search Ads, Apple may open more ad space

Apple updated its Management API earlier this month, adding “onlySources” and “adChannelType” fields to the API, which we guess is Apple’s first step to expand its advertising business. We guess this is the first step for Apple to expand its ...

Over 60,000 Keywords Covered by Cheant Financial’s ASO

Over 60,000 Keywords Covered by Cheant Financial’s ASO

Today, an app called “Car Ant Financial Service” is a hit, with a total coverage of more than 70,000 keywords, and the coverage of TOP3 alone is as high as more than 50,000! ! ! You must know that the ...