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Discy Latest Articles

Operation Function Collection of Asm Backend

Today we’ll look at the second part of the interface and features of the official Apple Search Ads website – the backend actionable content, and we’ll cover each of the five account tiers. This week we’ll start with the Account ...

The number of education apps on the list increased significantly

The number of new education apps rose significantly, with elementary school students and homework helpers performing better; meanwhile, the number of game apps on the list decreased, and casual hand games were still the most popular among users; money-making apps ...

P2P industry regulation moves frequently, accelerating industry reshuffle

Some third-party payment companies and banks have recently been interviewed by regulators and asked to prudently carry out or withdraw from P2P payment and settlement business, Caixin reported on Aug. 29. Table of Content Frequent regulatory actions in P2P industry ...

App Store Ads – ASM ad placement in practice

Today’s article is about the actual operation of ASM ad placement, from the viewpoint of the placeholder, and summarizes some tips or points to note in the placement. Table of Content Preparation before launching buy installs ios buy app installs ...

Getting Started with HubSpot: How to Create Your Account

When you have the right tools on your side, you can do anything. This is also true for the ever-evolving marketing and sales industry. A tool is valuable when it makes our lives easier. HubSpot helps us stay organized and efficient—all while ...