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In app payment process & 5 tips for passing the audit

If developers want to unlock access to things like subscriptions, in-game currency, game levels, etc. in the App, they must use an in-app purchase program. There are four types of in-app purchase programs that developers can offer.

Table of Content

From the time the user initiates an in-app purchase request to the time the payment is made, the general flow is as follows, and developers can implement the code according to the flow.

Note that it is important to ensure that the App’s package identifier and product identifier in Xcode match the identifier for the App in your developer account and the identifier for the in-app purchase item configured in the iTC backend. Once you have enabled in-app purchase items, you can begin creating and designing in-app purchase items.

Flow of creating in-app purchase items

1. Login to iTC backend, click “My App”, and then select the App you want to add in-app purchase item.

2、Click “Features” in the toolbar, and select “In-App Purchase Items” in the left column.

3. Click “Add (+)” to add in-app purchase items.

4. Select the type of in-app purchase item you want to create.

5. Add a reference name, product ID, and localized display name.

6. Click “Save” or “Submit for Review”.

Note: When creating auto-renewing subscriptions, you need to create a subscription group and then add the subscription products to the subscription group.

5 Tips for Getting Reviewed

SevenMarkets Data has published a new article in “Efficiency has skyrocketed! Review time is only 11.13h; photography and video products get the most recommendations | February App Store Promotion Report” mentioned that Apple has increased the review of clause 3.1.1 (in-app purchase items), while clause 3.1.2 (subscription) has also become the top 6 rejected clauses, hereby compile five anti-rejection tricks to help developers get rid of 3.1.1.

1、Inside purchase products on the shelves need to be submitted with the package on the App shelves

Here need to focus on the attention, when the insider product shelves must be submitted together with the package on the App shelves for review, can not be submitted separately. If you choose to submit them separately, then the inbound products can never be shelved successfully. Pro-tested, be sure to pay attention to it.

2, App purchase items in more than one area on the shelves, choose local adaptation or can increase the chances of passing the audit

Sometimes, our products are not only in a region on the shelves, will choose in multiple regions or even multiple countries on the shelves. If there are too many regions on the App, then the products on the App, including the in-app purchases, should also be adapted for localization. For example, if your product is available in China, Russia, France, and the United States, then the language of the in-app purchases should also include Chinese, Russian, French, and English.

The App Store review terms also state that “If we can’t understand how the App works, or if the in-app purchases are not as clear as they could be, the review will be delayed and may result in the App being rejected.” Therefore, if your product is available in multiple regions, developers are advised to localize the in-app purchases to avoid rejection.

App Store Review Guide – 3. Business

If we can’t understand how your app works or your in-app purchases aren’t immediately obvious, it will delay your review and may trigger a rejection.

3. Four statements of terms

User Agreement and Privacy Policy

In the App login page and product purchase page, there must be two things: user agreement and privacy policy.

Continuous monthly agreement description and auto-renewal statement

If your product has an auto-subscription product type, you need to include a continuous monthly subscription agreement statement. At the same time, you should also write the auto-renewal statement on the App product page.

4、Include automatic subscription description in the app description

If you are still worried about the rejection of the purchase items in the App, you can choose to add the description of automatic subscription in the App description, so that Apple’s auditors can see more intuitively and clearly the situation of the purchase items in the App.

5. Do not add third-party payment SDKs to virtual products

If you have prepared the above, you need to pay attention to the last point: if your in-app purchase items are virtual products, not including physical products, please do not join the SDK of third-party payment, otherwise it may be detected and rejected.

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