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Over 60,000 Keywords Covered by Cheant Financial’s ASO

Over 60,000 Keywords Covered by Cheant Financial’s ASO

Today, an app called “Car Ant Financial Service” is a hit, with a total coverage of more than 70,000 keywords, and the coverage of TOP3 alone is as high as more than 50,000! ! ! You must know that the average APP with a coverage of more than 10,000 is considered to be very good, and more than 20,000 is the top few of the rankings, and the keyword of “Car Ant Financial” is only the TOP3 keyword is the total number of people. Several times the amount of coverage is really good.

Table of Contents


Keyword strategy analysis of financial applications

I analyzed the entire APP and found that the name of its developer is quite mysterious. This is to include keywords in the name of the developer. It is certain that this is definitely intentional, but how it passed Apple’s review is still unclear for the time being. Looking at it now, the effect is surprisingly good. If Apple does not take any further measures here, it is estimated that the developer column will be broken again.

The number of words in the developer column is no more than 100 characters, and the use of keywords has reached the point of madness! ! !

How to write keywords in financial applications?

App store promoters who don’t know how to write keywords for financial management can use it directly, and the test is effective!

“Cheant Financial Service” was launched on July 9. After the launch, the total keyword coverage was about 24,000. The skyrocketing of covered words was after July 15, when a version update was made at that time. At the very least, it is beneficial to update the version more diligently. On July 15th, keywords covered 24,000; on July 16th, keywords covered 60,000; on July 17, keywords covered 70,000. See how this posture will continue to rise, and how it will eventually move forward. Will continue to pay attention.

I just found out that under the same developer of “Car Ant Financial Service”, there is a product called “Miss Lu Financial Management”. The total coverage of Ms. Lu’s financial management is more than 20,000. Although there are many, it is compared with Car Ant Financial. The 70,000+ servers served are not surprising. Maybe it’s just a transfer operation, and the effect hasn’t gotten up yet. I’m not sure yet. I’ll keep track of it next.

“Ms. Lu Finance” shares a set of keywords of [developer] with “Car Ant Financial Service”, but the coverage effect of the words is different. It should be related to the promotion strategy, such as a large number of points wall to make words and a lot of words. Comments, version updates, etc. In addition, the icon of Che Ant Financial is attracting natural users to download, and it cannot be ignored. A large number of natural users come in, which will definitely increase the overall weight of the “Che Ant Financial” app.

In other words, changing the developer to keywords can indeed increase the overall coverage, but to achieve a really strong effect, it is not just a simple modification of the developer name. ASO is always on the way.

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