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[ASO list algorithm] iG wins the championship, watch the game live broadcast list changes

[ASO list algorithm] iG wins the championship, watch the game live broadcast list changes

In the League of Legends S8 finals, iG 3:0 cleared FNC and won the first world championship in China’s LPL division! Then the circle of friends swiped the screen. As an ASO practitioner, he paid attention to the changes in the list of related products, as follows:

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ASO list algorithm – iG wins the championship, watch the game live broadcast list changes

Viewpoint 1: The daily activity and usage time of the concentrated time period have a greater impact on the list.

The change of the list is stretched for one month. There are events on 10.20, 10.21, 10.27, and 11.3. These days, all live streaming apps have been shown as rankings.

Among them, 10.20, 10.21, and 10.27 are the peaks of the list, and the peak lists are basically in the same range. 10.20, 10.21, and 10.27 The periodic peak curve of the list in the past few days explains: the increase in the number of active users, usage time, and frequency of use in a certain period of time will help improve the ranking of the list; live down that day, The use time is reduced, and the list will drop accordingly. “Tucao Conference” will be aired on Tencent Video at 8 o’clock tonight. Will that time period be the peak of the list? Haha, I look forward to not getting a face.

Viewpoint 2: The increase in new users can greatly improve the ranking of the list.

It can be speculated that if iG’s victory is not to detonate social media, the 11.3 list should be similar to the peak list of 10.20, 10.21, and 10.27, or the list is slightly less. High position, there will not be a situation where Huya live broadcast directly rises to TOP2.

This is interesting. Game live streaming belongs to a niche and vertical user group, and has a certain threshold. At least it needs to be interested. After winning the championship, it is different. Suddenly, it changes from a niche event to a popular audience.

Move position and show up again, operation 6 again, what you don’t understand still can’t understand; but if the counterattack is successful, this piece is easier to empathize. Just like in high school lectures on principles and equations, a group of people are drowsy, and few listened to it with relish; when the teacher came up with a joke, all of a sudden, all of them became energetic.

Viewpoint 3: The version update will help improve the list to track the changes in Huya and Douyu.

The two apps are actually in the same range, but Huya’s overall list is a few stalls higher than Douyu. In addition to the more targeted headlines and subtitles, and a smoother live broadcast experience, I think it has a lot to do with Huya’s version update that day.

Viewpoint 4: Real-time hot search, the search index has been rising, it is easier to get real-time hot search.

It’s interesting that Huya and Douyu are obviously more powerful on the list, bringing more users in the same time period, and the increase is more obvious. There are also Penguin E-sports, Pocket League of Legends, etc., but your panda live broadcast is a hot search. Who is going to make sense? Except for the shining halo of Wang Gongzi, I think this kind of search index has been rising. Can explain the problem.

Viewpoint 5: The rise of game live broadcasts will affect the game for good or bad, not so sure

After all, human energy is limited. After spending a few hours watching game competitions, there will be less time to play games. Furthermore, watching other people play games can also be fun, which can be said to be the participation of the spiritual level in the game.

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