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Why are puzzle casual games so hot

The gameplay is similar to that of many elimination games in that you can watch ads for props, cash bonuses, and rewards that can be cashed. In addition, “Love to Eliminate” also covers the cash bonuses under the game bricks for users to dig when playing the game, which psychologically stimulates users to continue playing the game.

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From the search results of the App Store casual games and puzzle games list Top100 and the keyword “mini-games”, we can see that the number of puzzle and casual games has gradually increased in recent years, and 112 games have been launched in 2019, accounting for 40% of the number of games taken, frequently dominating the App Store games.

The “Destroy Virus” and “Sunshine Pig Farm”, which frequently occupy the top of the free list, were launched at this time. In the past two months of 2020, 29 puzzle and casual games have been launched, and “Love to eliminate” and “Agent on the 100th floor” are the regulars in the top 5 of the recent game free list, which shows the users’ love for such games.

At the same time, from the estimated iOS downloads of these puzzle and casual games in the past year, “All Drift”, which became popular in the first half of 2019, dominated the top of the list with a cumulative download of 3,516 w+, and performed well. The products that followed in the top 10, such as “Sunshine Pig Farm”, “My Little Home”, “Happy Disappearing” and “Wipe Out Virus”, all had a cumulative download volume of 10 million.

It is worth noting that the top four products in the download ranking are all elimination games, with “Happy to Kill” being the earliest batch of elimination games, while the other three products are creative adaptations based on the classic elimination gameplay, such as “All Drift” which is “elimination + racing”, “Sunshine Pig Farm” which is For example, “All Drift” is “elimination + racing”, “Sunshine Pig Farm” is “elimination + online income”, and “My Little Home” is “elimination + simulation”.

New ideas for classic gameplay, incentive ads to “replenish blood”

Puzzle and casual games have universal orientation and universality, covering a different population than medium and heavy games. And affected by the epidemic, many non-game users began to contact the game, the low threshold, simple operation, to meet the user’s psychology of winning puzzle and casual games, naturally become the best choice for these users.

1. Elimination games are hot, and the download volume of “All Drift” broke 3516w

The above data has pointed out that elimination games are very hot, and many products have creatively adapted the classic “elimination” gameplay, adding features such as race courses and cash incentives, making the products perform very well.

For example, the top-ranked “All Drift” allows users to synthesize the same type of car to get a higher level of car. The higher the level of the car, the more advantageous it will be when breaking through the track. The combination of classic gameplay and new ideas has resulted in a large number of downloads from users in a short period of time, with the estimated number of iOS downloads reaching 3516w in the past year.

“Online income” is also a common way to attract users nowadays. “Sunshine Pig Farm” allows users to synthesize pigs of the same type and adds cash incentive to “replenish” users with cash and pork directly, which also makes the product dominate the top of App Store free list for 8 days in a row on the eve of Chinese New Year. It also made the product dominate the top 1 of App Store game free list for 8 consecutive days on the eve of Chinese New Year.

2. Anti-routine, anti-logic, puzzle games are full of tricks

Anti-routine, anti-logic and nonsensical puzzle games are also the most popular game genres in recent years. For example, during the Spring Festival, a puzzle game named “Brain Master” firmly dominated the top of the App Store game free list. The product, which hit the shelves in November 2019, mainly attracts the attention of users by setting up a variety of out-of-the-ordinary and unexpected game puzzles, which will become more interesting as the levels increase.

For example, in the tenth level, the game title is “wake up the owl”, but it was in the daytime period. The answer to this question is to use your hand to drag the sun away and make the page turn into night, so the owl will naturally wake up.

In fact, before “Brain Master”, there were also “the most embarrassing mini-game ever”, “God brain game” and other games of the same type to attract the attention of users, and recently there was also a product named “is an agent on the 100th floor” into the top 5 of the game free list.

3. Confrontation games, which may increase the user fission play

The casual games of rivalry are also very popular, such as the “Snake BattleĀ®”, “Ball Battle” and “Black Hole Battle”. In “Snake BattleĀ®”, users play the role of a “snake” that can never get enough, grows up by eating beans within a specified range, and grows up by devouring and attacking other snakes, with Q-painting, the satisfaction of nurturing, and the PK of hand speed and strategy being the highlights of this product. Currently, SnakebiteĀ® has 500 million users.

At the same time, the more recent games such as “My Kung Fu”, “My Flying Dagger” and “My Dagger 40m” are also casual games of the rivalry category. Although the gameplay is similar in that they are all played by defeating the opponent to strengthen oneself, it is more direct and fierce in its competitive nature, so the stress relief effect is more obvious.

In such confrontation games, perhaps you can try to add social attributes. If a product is set up to resurrect by watching ads, then you can also add inviting a friend to resurrect or have other rewards, which also helps the product to pull in new, user fission.

It is difficult to get the version number, and the game is not a single mode to realize

1. Apple also wants the game version number, small and medium-sized enterprises

A few days ago, Apple has added a new rule in the background of iTC: paid games and games that want to provide in-app purchase items need to provide game version information before June 30 this year. (See the article! Apple released June 30, the game products need to submit the version number information”)

However, in recent years, the game license number issuance situation, the number of monthly issuance is unstable, mostly dominated by large manufacturers. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, they also lack the qualification to apply for the license number themselves, and it is difficult to obtain the game license number. Therefore, it is relatively easier to choose to enter the market with puzzle and casual games and small games that do not set in-purchase items, and directly avoid the setting of the license number.

2. Product mutual promotion, accurate infusion, not a single mode of realization

As for the realization, although puzzle and casual games are not as good as paid games, they can directly set VIPs for users to spend, and some of them are even “subsidized”, using cash to motivate users, and can only rely on advertising to realize. However, when the game attracts a large number of users, its product becomes a traffic pool, and placing infomercial ads is just the simplest mode of cashing in.

Developers can also choose to push each other with the same type of products, so that users can flow in these products and reduce the cost of users; they can also choose to cooperate with platforms such as e-commerce and short video for accurate infusion of users.

For example, in “Sunshine Pig Farm”, there are both ads of “Brush Bao Short Video” and ads of “Jingdong” and “Jindoduo”, with the help of data to analyze the choice of users. The former is the same type of online income App, and the users who choose this type may also be for cash incentive; the latter is an e-commerce platform, which also indicates that the users have the consciousness of consumption, so we can increase the amount of investment to promote the consumption of this type of users, so that the value of the users is no longer just “making money”.

3. All people to, low cost, technology and operation of the double code

Puzzle casual game threshold is low, all people can adapt, easy to operate, in line with the fragmentation of time / scene. Its entertainment nature, but also to meet the user’s curiosity, the need to relieve stress, which is an excellent advantage to attract users. At the same time, the short development cycle, low post-operating costs, and less investment in manpower and capital can make developers more worry-free.

It should be noted that there is no technical barrier for puzzle and casual games, or the competitiveness in technical level is weak, so when a product is popular, many similar products will appear subsequently. And the life cycle of a popular puzzle game is also short.

At this time, developers need to combine technology and operation. For example, “Happy Happy” will keep increasing the difficulty of the game to stimulate users’ desire for challenge, and its official account will also send out dynamics and activities from time to time to call on users to actively participate. Technology and creativity make the product come to the users, while operation can make the product stay in front of the users longer, one without the other.


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buy keyword installs

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