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Want to speed up the review & complain about infringement? These two channels you must know

Let’s start with the Contact Us page, which is divided into 8 topics: Membership & Account, Development & Technology, App Setup & Distribution, App Review, Reporting & Payment, Events, Reporting Issues, Feedback & Other Topics, and 58 subdivided issue types, with corresponding contact information with Apple under each type.

Table of Content

Developers can access the page by clicking this link

The two most important issues that we are concerned about are speeding up App reviews and app infringement, and this mini-lesson will explain these two secret channels.

App submitted for a long time Apple poop ignored, in the [Contact Us] page select [Application Review] to speed up the review!

Complaint of infringement

If a product’s brand name or trademark is “infringed” by a competing product, the developer can file a complaint with Apple, and the complaint process can be completed on this page.

Second, click Rights infringement- App Store content dispute and click continue

Third, fill in the relevant information, right owner, company, contact phone, common email, address, you can also click the plus sign to fill in other contact information. Click to continue.

The right owner can fill in the name of the developer/company abbreviation, but for the convenience of the follow-up rights, it is best to ensure that the right really belongs to the organization/company/individual filled in.

In Provide Link, fill in the link of your own product in the App Store.

V. Search for the name or keywords of competing products in [Search] to find competing products, and the number of apps that can be submitted together with each complaint should be within 50. Click to continue.

Finally, select the corresponding content of the infringement of the competing product (copyright, privacy, keywords, etc.), select the region, and fill in the specific details of the infringement in the box on the far right.

Opportunity to send an email with additional materials

Note: The rightmost comment box is the key part of the whole complaint process, and the information entered will also be provided to the developer of the selected App, so the content must be justified and the infringement described clearly.

Take the example of App brand words being put into the title by a competing product, it is best for the complainant to show the name of their own App as well as the title of the other app, and then, compare the keywords in the App name and title to make Apple’s staff understand the infringement visually.

Finally, click Submit, and there is one opportunity to send an email with additional materials after submission.

Complaining to Apple can take time (sometimes 2-3 months) and the results may not always be satisfactory. If the other party’s infringement is so egregious that you want to stop it quickly to reduce your losses, you may want to first consider contacting the competing company involved in the infringement, providing evidence that proves they are infringing, and asking them to stop the infringement voluntarily; if this approach does not work, you may want to contact the competing company. Apple’s complaint/rights channel will be open for you at any time.


organic app installs

organic app installs

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