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Top 15 Apps Made With Flutter

By now you’ve learned about Flutter framework by trying a combination of keywords on search engines or on social platforms.

And to no doubt, Google’s Flutter has been winning over the developer community since its launch:

  • 83k followers on Github and 3.7k followers on Quora
  • Trending over react native
  • Most requested cross-platform framework for app development by startups, businesses and developers.

Flutter gained popularity for its distinctive features, ease of setup and have reached the stage where brands have tried and trusted Flutter.

And probably this is the reason you want to learn about a handful of brand success stories who’ve built their app on flutter. Isn’t it?

But before we begin to discuss brands who built their apps on Flutter framework (which you will surely find in this article), we would like to put a light on the reasons why developers and entrepreneurs decide to switch to Flutter for their projects.

A look back to Flutter journey…

On December 4, 2018, Google launched its cross-platform development toolkit when React Native was a leader and largely used by developers.

Though react native was there for long, it didn’t solve the cross-platform app development issues. React native didn’t provide close to native performance, lack support for the CLI tools, upgrading and debugging difficulties, slowing down of apps with complex UIs and much more.

Google strategic move to launch Flutter with a number of features surpassed the usability count of React native. Despite Flutter novelty, Flutter earned the position over React Native. Flutter engine has most of the native components in the framework making it the best framework for App development.

Flutter provides significant advantages to not only developers but also to App entrepreneurs.

Benefits to Developers:

  1. Faster code writing with one codebase
  2. FAster testing with Hot Reload Feature
  3. Better performance for complex architecture
  4. Same UI on older versions
  5. Great UI native elements for complex styling
  6. Strong backend support by firebase
  7. Clear development documentation

Benefits to Entrepreneurs:

  1. Latest technology benefit over competitors
  2. Best for MVP market
  3. Low development cost
  4. Rich in-app experience to users
  5. Backed by flutter with defined development standards
  6. Code is reusable for app development compatible for various platforms.
  7. Tenfold down app crash rates

Now, as you know reasons why developers and entrepreneurs love Flutter, let’s dig deep to brand stories who’ve used Flutter framework.

15 Top apps made with Flutter

The framework has been entrusted by startups and established brands like Google, Alibaba for app development. Here are 10 innovative apps that are built using Flutter:

1. Google Ads

Developed by Google using Flutter and available on Android and iOS

Google Ads is an essential tool for individuals, small & large scale businesses looking to manage their ad campaigns on the go using their devices. Flutter has simplified the process of monitoring ad performance and ad management. The cI tool allow users to extract real-time detailed campaign information. Flutter framework capabilities have enhanced Google ads services.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba – one of the world’s biggest online commerce company for global trade has used Flutter to develop a fast and smooth app experience for iOS and Android on their Xianyu app. Flutter helped them create smooth UI using Dart and single codebase. Flutter made the app maintenance easier.

3. Topline

The app lets artists record and save their song ideas wherever they are. It enables users to record their tracks, add lyrics, share files and sync with cloud for saving space on your device. Topline was officially featured on Google I/O in Flutter Live event 2018. Flutter helped them launch the app on MVP within ten weeks. The topline team were able to build app easily with widgets which are ready to go and customizable.

4. Reflectly

Reflectly is a lifestyle app powered by AI technology lets users create a personal journal. Reflectly ask a series of questions to study users mood and help them get rid of their negative thoughts.

Reflectly was initially built using React Native. But it did not perform well on android due to app animation. Reflectly had to remove animations to make it usable. The react framework couldn’t take the complex structure and it made them switch to Flutter. Flutter provides rich native performance with the lowest crash down rates.

5. Hamilton Musical

The official app of the hit Broadway musical – Hamilton.The Flutter mobile app helps show organizers to upload daily news and videos, and other details related to Hamilton merchandise. Flutter made it possible for Hamilton to deliver more and at a higher level of quality. Flutter UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time.

6. PostMuse

PostMuse is a free photo editor that let users create personalised Insta stories and posts. App users can browse through templates, edit them and make them own. Flutter offered a reliable solution to build, launch and maintain the app.

7. Hookle

Hookle is a smart and easy tool to share posts, manage multiple social media accounts and monitor business social media presence all in one app. It allows users to customize posts per social media channel and effortlessly post on social channels. Flutter made app development easy as it removes the complicated tools to maintain creativity and quick development.

8. Watermaniac

Watermaniasc is a Drinking water tracker app that measures water intake, helping users find out how much water they consume on a daily basis. With the app, users set daily goals, know their last water intake and get alerted when its time to take the next sip with a notification. As flutter is lightweight, it allowed developer to update features, remove bugs promptly. Also, this technology allowed the brand to launch the app lower than the expected budget.

9. Cryptograph

CryptoGraph mobile app helps users to track market shares associated with more than 1600 global cryptocurrencies. The Flutter-based mobile app presents real-time data of the exchange rates and enables users to track price movements of their desired cryptocurrency. The CI tool enabled to maintain this dynamic app.

10. KlasterMe

KlasterMe allows user to create a page to showcase their contents and get recognised in the community. With this app, artist and creators can easily add their product images and can connect with the desired community to expand their audience. Flutter’s Hot Reload feature helped to speed up the app development process.

11. HuYu

WIth HuYu app, users can share their shopping data by scanning receipts and answer surveys for real rewards. In return, users get shopping vouchers and gift cards. Flutter helped to build best UX structure within 16 weeks. The animations used in the app work flawlessly on all versions.

12. inKino

inKino app is for Android and iOS showcasing movie timings and local theatres for Finland’s Finnkino. inKino lets users browse through a list of now showing and upcoming movies in their local cinemas, reserve and buy movie tickets. Flutter framework helped in building well-thought and predictable APIs for the app. Hot Reload feature easily compiled the app. The established documentation supported in building app structure.

13. Birch Finance

Birch Finance is a credit card rewards app that helps its users to manage and optimize existing cards. The app enables its users to find the best card, track spending across all accounts, and offer different ways to earn and redeem rewards.

14. Google Greentea

An internal customer management app by Google sales provide rich visualizations for tracking sales targets. Google Greentea is an app is built using Google’s own Flutter framework that updates multi-user dynamic data easily.

15. Music Tutor

Users can learn to read sheet music with speed and improve their sight-reading skills. Music Tutor helps with ear training and practicing listening skills to improve accuracy in sheet reading. Flutter provided music Tutor native performance with single codebase.


organic app installs

organic app installs

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