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Three Customer Journeys for Acquisition

Three Customer Journeys for Acquisition

Experienced marketers know the score: attracting customers can be expensive and time-consuming. The cost of acquiring customers has increased 50 per cent over the past five years, with no sign this trend is going away. That makes it more important than ever to hook your customers at hello and deliver a seamless customer experience that drives action and adoption.


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As part of our new Airship Journeys playbook, we outlined three customer journeys designed to make the first interactions with your brand the beginning of a long and valuable relationship. Check out the examples below and download the playbook today!


Convert New Customers into App Users

A first purchase is the perfect time to show new customers the benefits of your mobile app. Plus, driving opt-ins during acquisition makes it easier to reach them on their preferred channels during all of the pivotal moments throughout the customer lifecycle.

In this case, a new customer’s room reservation triggers a welcome message that also promotes mobile app downloads. A few days later, if they haven’t downloaded the app they’ll receive a second message reminding them about their trip and the benefits of using the app. It’s a short and sweet example of how a relatively simple customer journey can start moving new customers toward growth and retention.


Deepen Engagement During Onboarding

Getting opt-ins on your app is a great first step. Now you need to keep them engaged, a challenge illustrated by the fact that 77 percent of daily active users drop off within the first three days after installing an app.

When a new customer downloads your app, capture that momentum with a customer journey designed to deepen engagement. In this example from the gaming vertical, an app install triggers a series of in-app messages promoting bonus features and the benefits of engagement. The messages are spread out over three and then five days, which helps prevent over-messaging while also driving repeat sessions during those critical first few weeks.


Draw Customers in with a Multi-Touch Campaign

Delivering value to your customers on their preferred channels is an ideal way to build loyalty. In this journey, we’re meeting the customer wherever they choose to engage, with the goal of driving sign-ups for a loyalty program.

It starts on the customer’s original channel of engagement, either app or email, with a welcome message that drives them to your website. Two days later, a follow-up message uses Airship Journey’s prioritization feature to automatically select the channel, sending a special offer to their highest priority channel. Finally, for customers who haven’t joined the loyalty program, a third message lands five days later and fans out to all opted- in channels. This helps ensure customers see the message and don’t miss out on the benefits of loyalty.

These are just a few examples of how Airship Journeys can help you build value for your brand and customers during the acquisition phase. Plus, the customer intelligence collected through these journeys allows you to create follow up journeys that are even more personalized and contextual! We’ll cover that in a future post. In the meantime, download the full Airship Journeys playbook today for more insights to help you acquire, grow and retain!

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