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The most detailed App Store booking guide on the net for speeding up the audit and adding support to get the volume

The most detailed App Store booking guide on the net for speeding up the audit and adding support to get the volume

Since the App Store opened the pre-order function in December 17, more and more developers have started to use this function, and the number of app pre-orders in China in the past year found that the overall trend is obviously increasing.


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At the same time, the App Store has set up the [now available for pre-order] recommendation position for games, which also makes more and more game developers pay attention to the pre-order function’s help to get the volume of products. For example, Green Journey, which was launched on the App Store on November 21, has released several pre-order versions, and the official version occupied the top 1 of the game list within 2 days of its launch, which shows that pre-order has a significant contribution to the product’s volume and exposure.

This feature helps developers warm up in the App Store before App release and get the volume of users in advance, and the App Store will automatically download and install the App to users’ devices after the scheduled release date. In addition, [Reservation] also has the following advantages.

1, The review process of [Reservation] is faster, usually 1-2 hours to complete the review.

2, from application to shelf, the product’s brand word is in the “protected” state, which increases the exposure and also avoids the brand word being appropriated and other problems.

Based on the volume and the above two advantages, many developers have tried to use this feature.

Steps to set up a reservation

Setting up a reservation for an app mainly involves filling in basic information of the app, setting the reservation release time, uploading the IPA file packaged by developers, and submitting it to Apple for review.

1、Fill in App basic information

Just follow the diagram to input or select the content, iTC backend link: https: //, the sample process here uses “Simplified Chinese” as the main distribution region language.

2、Set the reservation release time

Click “My App” on the home page of iTC, select the App, and then select “Price and Sales Range” in the left column, click “Reservation” module of “Support Reservation”.

Select the date and time you want the reservation to be released, here is an example of “December 22, 2019”.

Select the price you want to set for the booking, here is an example of “free” price, the currency unit will be different depending on the release region or the account itself belongs to the country; for example, mainland China is “CNY”.

3、Upload the IPA file packaged by the developer

Here you need to upload the IPA file packaged by the developer, and you can click here to view the successfully uploaded build version after the upload is finished.

After you select the built version, you can start to edit the metadata; such as “Application Name”, “Application Title”, “Application Category”, ” Keywords”, “Support Links”, “Marketing Links”, “Promotional Text”, “Description “, “App Preview and Screenshots”, etc.

If the product involves in-order items, you need to add the ID, price, and description of in-order information in the in-order category.

4、Submit to Apple for review

After filling in the metadata, you can submit it for review (no need to choose manual release or automatic release for pre-order products), for “content copyright”, choose “No”, for “ad identifier For “Advertising identifier”, you can first check the box in the first red box in the figure below, and then check the last “I confirm” can be, and finally click “Submit” in the upper right corner, you can submit successfully and wait for the audit.

If you want to modify the booking price or time after the audit, you can solve it by the following way; by entering the “Price and Sales Range”, you can modify the “Booking Release Time” and “Application Price “.

At the same time, you can set a time period for “price”, for example, for “paid” products, you can set a certain time period for “free” downloads.

The process is complicated to understand? Scan the code to add a small assistant immediately, the whole process free guidance

Booking notes

1. Only new products can be reserved.

Since this is a new product, Apple only accepts “reservations” for the first version of the product submitted for release on the App Store, and does not offer “reservations” for products already on the App Store.

2. The pre-order period is 2-90 days.

To avoid long pre-order periods and to avoid arbitrary selection of the “pre-order” feature for all products, Apple restricts all products to a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 90 days after pre-order. This date is explicitly defined as “the next 2 to 90 days after the date the product is released for download”.

3. Products can be promoted during pre-orders.

Apple recommends that developers promote their products in advance after they have been approved, so as to guide users to make reservations for their products.

4、Apply to the editor for recommendation

Apple Editor will select some of the reserved products for recommendation, and developers can also submit their own information to apply for the recommendation of reservation, so that the products with the recommended position can get better traffic in the App Store and get more users’ recognition and reservation.

5. Monitor data through iTC backend

Apple will provide a separate “Reservation Report” that allows developers to view app reservations through “Sales and Trends” in the iTC back office.

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