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Operation Function Collection of Asm Backend

Today we’ll look at the second part of the interface and features of the official Apple Search Ads website – the backend actionable content, and we’ll cover each of the five account tiers. This week we’ll start with the Account level.

Table of Content

The Settings button is located in the upper right corner of Search Ads, click it to set the account information.

Sections in the account

Account information (Overview)

The Business Details page contains the basic information of the corporation or company: name, address, postal code and tax ID, which can be changed here.

This page is divided into two parts: Account Information and Primary Contact. Account Information can change the name of the account and whether it is an agent, but time zone and currency are not changeable, so you must carefully choose the time zone and currency when creating an account; Contact Information has three modifiable information: name, phone and email.

User Management

In User Management, each account can invite multiple users to access or manage the account, and different roles correspond to different permissions.

In User Management, you can add new users and change the information of previously created users.

You can create a new user by clicking Invite Users, and you will need to fill in the invitee’s name and Apple ID during the creation process.

There are six types of user roles, with different permissions.

If you want to modify the information of the previously created user role, click on the corresponding Apple ID in the list.

You can also remove the user role (click Remove user), and the user will not be able to view the ad data of this account after removal.


The API certificate created can be connected to the developer or agent’s program, which can display data and operate adjustment.

Click Create API Certificate in API module to create the certificate.

When creating the certificate, you can set permissions, which are similar to those in user management. The difference is that the role created in user management can only view data or perform operations in the official backend, while API can be connected to other programs, such as the internal channel statistics backend of enterprises.

After the API certificate is created, it can be downloaded or deleted, and there is no option to modify the API certificate module.


The billing module contains 2 parts: payment information and invoice information.

In the payment information, you can choose to change the credit card. The steps are to click Replace Card and fill in the card number, expiration time and security code of the new credit card.

Clik Edit Billing Info to change the cardholder name, billing mailing address, and billing acceptance email.

Settable content and operation steps

The Invoice module shows the details of recently generated invoices, and you can set your own time interval.

Here you can download individual invoices (click on the corresponding Invoice) or a summary of the billing data for the selected time period (click on Download CSV).

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