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The number of education apps on the list increased significantly

The number of new education apps rose significantly, with elementary school students and homework helpers performing better; meanwhile, the number of game apps on the list decreased, and casual hand games were still the most popular among users; money-making apps remained hot, with big manufacturers entering the market.

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In this September mobile application growth list, ZAO, ZAO, and Shear Image won the first and second place. Among them, ZAO has been on the App Store for half a month since it hit the App Store at the end of August, and the highest estimated number of downloads on iOS in a single day was 46w+. It can be seen that this AI face-changing product is still deeply loved by users.

At the same time, with the start of the school season in September, the number of educational products on the list has increased significantly.

Casual games are still the most popular among users

In the September list, there were only 8 games on the list, and their popularity dropped significantly compared with August.

The game has a fresh style and fantastic scenes, and accommodates all kinds of jitterbug songs, which was launched as a small program before hitting the App Store, and after achieving good results, it was then put on the App. If you are not sure whether the developed App can become a hit or not, it is a wise move to launch the app first to test the water.

New products are blooming everywhere, with the largest share in education category

In this September mobile app growth list, there are 24 new apps, among which 5 are education apps, accounting for the largest proportion.

Among the five products on the list, Primary School Student performs the best, and SevenMain data detects that the number of downloads of this product has shown an obvious upward trend once it enters September. It is a product that can correct homework and set the length of use compulsorily, which is deeply loved by users.

Money-making App is still hot, and continues to gain momentum in the sink market

Poundland has dominated the mobile app growth chart for 5 months in a row, which means that the operation of receiving red envelopes by signing in and sharing with friends is very effective for users in the sink market.

After Poundland, Taobao Special Edition, Today’s Headlines Extreme Edition and Racer Extreme Edition have been launched one after another using this model, with Racer Extreme Edition showing an obvious upward trend in downloads since it was launched on August 16.

ZAO and Oasis, which are backed by big manufacturers, also won users’ love at the beginning of the launch, and both occupied the first position on the App Store’s overall (free) list.


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buy app ratings

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