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The government removed 517 products from China through Apple

The majority of the apps taken down were related to illegal gambling or pornography, according to the feedback from the mainland China opinion report. A total of 56 requests for violations were sent, including 55 requests to take down apps, and a total of 517 apps were taken down through Apple, accounting for 81.55% of the total number of apps taken down worldwide. This shows that the Chinese government has been tougher and more aggressive in dealing with illegal apps through Apple.

Table of Content

Apple Releases Transparency Report

Yesterday (July 2), Apple released its Transparency Report for the second half of 2018 (July – December 2018), providing information on the status of App monitoring requests and penalties imposed by governments around the world for their jurisdictions.

What is the Apple Transparency Report?

Apple discloses nationwide data on government requests for access to user data and information related to reporting government requests. In this Apple Transparency Report, we have added data on app take down requests to enable local governments to monitor apps in accordance with laws and regulations.

What is an App Downgrade Request?

Local governments can request that Apple take down one or more apps from the App Store that are suspected of violating local laws, for example, if a law enforcement or regulatory agency suspects that an app may be illegal or is related to/contains illegal content.

According to the data, in the second half of 2018, Apple received 80 requests worldwide for violations of local laws in 11 countries. A total of 770 apps were designated as illegal in these requests, resulting in the removal of 634 apps in total.

The majority of the removed apps were suspected of illegal gambling, pornographic content, user privacy violations, copyright infringement, transportation law violations, unauthorized games, and other violations.

Increased Regulation of Audio Apps

On June 28, the State Internet Information Office announced to the public that it would launch special rectification actions against the audio chaos on the Internet. According to the clues reported by the public, after verification and evidence, the first batch of 26 illegal and illegal audio platforms, such as Zeeya, Soul, Language Play and One Say FM, which spread historical nihilism and obscene and pornographic content, were punished by interview, shelving and shutting down services, and the audio industry was comprehensively and centrally rectified.

And through the seven wheat data shelf monitoring, on July 2, Netease Cloud Music, Zeeya, Penguin FM and many other audio App in the App Store shelves. This fully illustrates the government’s strength and determination to rectify the audio App.


In addition to Apple’s own adjustments (keywords, keyword search results, etc.), government controls have been strengthened recently, with interviews and forced removal of apps through Apple. Developers need to pay attention to the product itself, but they also need to monitor the relevant policies in time.

1. Developers are recommended to pay attention to the relevant policies or news of the Office of the Internet and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and can pay attention to the public number of “NetInfo China”, or pay attention to check relevant news.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will also release relevant news, which can also be viewed by following the public number of “MIIT Micro News”. Timely adjustment of their own product features and content monitoring in response to relevant policies.

2、The government has recently strengthened the regulation of pornographic content, developers need to pay extra attention to the relevant content audit, especially for content-based products (social, live, video, etc.), more focused on the audit.

3, with the end of the college entrance exams, summer vacation is approaching, the recent impact on the safety of young people using the network, the government will also take appropriate measures to avoid unsafe factors, it is recommended that products involving relevant users have control over their own products to avoid the impact of the policy on the product.

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