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How Faceu successfully Ranked to TOP1 of the App Store Free Chart?Guide & Experience for App Promoters

How Faceu successfully Ranked to TOP1 of the App Store Free Chart?Guide & Experience for App Promoters

Today, the ASO World technical team will share with you the process and experience of Faceu becoming TOP 1 in the App Store free chart in just 3 days.


Table of Contents


Guide & Experience for App Promoters – How Faceu successfully Ranked to TOP1 of the App Store Free Chart?

Event review

From January 15th, Faceu has become the No. 1 free list in the App Store in just 3 days. As of January 25, Faceu ranked first in the overall list for a week. In just 7 days, Faceu has gained nearly 10 million new users, and the number of new users every day is still very impressive.

I received a call from Guo Lie on the night of the 14th to talk about how this product should be operated. Faced with the situation that several competitors have begun to make efforts to market, the whole team is also anxious to launch it as soon as possible. In the evening, we briefly talked about the needs He clearly requested that it be launched quickly, and there is only this one goal.

On the morning of the 15th, we began to analyze this product, video dynamic stickers, Faceu’s products and designs are considered good among similar domestic products, similar products include camera 360, snow, etc., and 360 is pushed in front of Faceu. A group of celebrities came to bring.

Where is our product now?

1.Users have no clear concept of short video dynamic stickers.

The previous SC-like teams in China have failed, but there are still users who demand short videos and pictures, especially those born after 90s and 00s, so in fact, for domestic users , Is still a fresh and interesting blank spot.

2. As a tool level, the design of faceu still has advantages over some domestic first-mover companies.

It can be equal to snow, sc and other products, and some of them are even better in my opinion.

After watching Faceu’s products and talking with Guo Lie, our team’s products and the team are very confident. For all entertainment and social products, creating opinion leaders is a very conventional operation strategy. For the domestic successful Xiaokaxiu and Mengmeng’s previous success, finding the leading atmosphere of group opinion leaders is the key to recommendation.

Analyze the product and find the opinion leaders needed by the target users

Let’s analyze the product. Our main user group is mostly women, mainly after 90s and 00s. The characteristics of this type of users are: follow the trend and like entertainment.

The Faceu team collaborated with Meipai on a topic before approaching us, and Meipai continued to have some feedback. We collected the data quickly. On the 15th, when we confirmed the plan, we prepared to start with the star. The first thing we chose was the most popular “Prince Princess Promotion”. The crown princess has brought a group of artists to the top, and the topic has ranked first on the topic list. The artists here are the most suitable.

Camera users are mainly women. At this level, we believe that male artists may be better than women in the initial stage of events. Therefore, Sheng Yilun and Yu Mengyu are more appropriate. We think that Yu Meng’s temperament is more in line with the product itself. The tonality. The user group of Hunan Satellite TV and the user group of Faceu are also relatively consistent. Guo Lie proposed Vega. After comprehensive consideration, we think that Vega is also a more suitable target. Fans of Hunan Satellite TV are our main target users.

The product itself is more fun and does not give any negative guidance to fans. In addition, funny stickers can better show its characteristics. I want to thank Wei Jia and Yu Mengyu very much for their smooth communication and a high degree of cooperation.

Determine the communication strategy and optimize the communication portfolio

The Faceu product itself is very viral. The creation of any explosive product needs to create an atmosphere of national carnival and mobilize the unconscious in the group.

Le Pen mentioned in “The Crowd” that “groups are not good at reasoning, but are eager to act”. Once it becomes popular, it is easy to trigger a wave of the whole people. Based on our understanding of popular culture and popular styles, our overall communication strategy is a three-part combination of group idols (stars) + niche idols (net celebrities) + promoters (marketing accounts), to match Weibo topics, hotspots, headlines, etc. Strategic combination.

Confirm the topic, clarify the theme

Marketing itself needs topical points. Our technical team grabbed the sharing data of Weibo, analyzed the user’s sharing language, and after refining, we found that there are many rainbow sharing users. Before finding GD, we shared the video and found that this feature is SC. Previously, a large number of GD fans were aware of this feature.

After communicating with the faceu team, we took all the sticker data and analyzed one side. We confirmed the popularity of the rainbow. In addition, for the product, taking the cute route can not highlight the difference between us and our competitors. To attract attention when making cute things, we must refresh our users with our unique characteristics. The ghost animal is a good point and it has been verified by some products before, so we decided to use the topic of spit rainbow.

We then grabbed the language context analysis of Weibo users and found that the words cute, poisonous, and magical are the favorite terms of this type of user. The positioning of our product has become a poisonous APP, and we can’t stop playing it. On this basis, we quickly adjusted forwarding and recommended terms. Closer to the user’s own culture and attract attention.

The combination of communication channels

After the end of the first wave, the traffic has increased several times, which also led to a wave of celebrities starting to use products. In the second stage, we began to quickly gather the content of opinion leaders and began to guide users’ attention: the introduction of FACEU is a magical feature. The celebrities are crazy about their APP. Tell users that all stars are using this, this is a popular point. Amplify the interaction between celebrities and products, focusing on the status of many celebrities using this product, allowing fans and users to recognize popular concepts, and at the same time strengthen topic marketing.

After 4 days of push, the topic of “the whole people spit a rainbow” reached 8,000w readings, and the reading of related celebrities + internet celebrities + marketing account also reached 5,000w. There were more than 10,000 Weibo-related interactive sharing times a day, and the whole popularity basically maintained. At the same time, we also strengthen the cooperation of celebrities on different platforms such as Tieba, Space, and Kuaishou to guide related topics.

Pushing a red product, like making a star, requires many factors to cooperate.

  • First of all, the Faceu product itself has a star aura and has the potential of a virus, and we need to explore and guide it;
  • Secondly, we have a large number of celebrities, marketing accounts and celebrity resources, and have relatively strong deployment capabilities. We have also accumulated a large amount of new media operation experience before, and have a thorough understanding of Xinmei users;
  • Once again, the degree of cooperation between the two parties is very high, and the communication is smooth and trustworthy;
  • Last but not least, we highly recognize the Faceu product and Guo Lie and the team, and we have high confidence in the product.

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