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App Store added “tag” quick search function!

App Store added “tag” quick search function!

According to MacRumors, Apple is testing a “tag” quick search feature to make search results more accurate for users. It is reported that some Apple users (U.S. App Store) have already seen these tags in the App Store search results. For example, after searching for “photos” in the search box, “collage” and “editor” search tags will be displayed at the top of the search results page. When you click on a tag, the search results will change and the corresponding application will be given.


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Search tags undoubtedly provides another important channel for search engine optimization

The search tags allow users to further refine the search results, for example, if users search for “photos” and click on “collage”, the search results will show applications related to photo collage editing. It is reported that these tags are currently visible to only a few users, most of whom are running iOS 14.5 beta, but a few users have reported seeing the tags on iOS 14.4.2.

Another traffic portal for search optimization

buy keyword installs

buy keyword installs

According to official Apple data, search downloads are the number one traffic portal: about 70% of users use the App Store’s search function to find apps. And Apple has been making moves to target this traffic portal in recent years.

For example, in 2016, Apple introduced search ads, allowing developers to pay Apple to have their app listings displayed at the top of search results based on factors such as the relevance of the app to the user’s search query.

For example, in September 2018, Apple adjusted the display format of App Store search results in China, and “feature” (i.e. story, now mostly appears as “story”) appeared under the keyword search results. Although the ranking of topics/stories in search results is not fixed, and the position of the same topic/story is not the same when searching different keywords, it is still ranked relatively high. This adjustment undoubtedly provides another free exposure position for the App.

In addition, in the App Store of iOS11 and above, users can not only search for in-app purchase items, topics/stories, but also directly search for “developer business cards”. In addition, when users search for a certain keyword, the search association box will also automatically recommend developer business cards related to that keyword.

For developers/promoters, the emergence of search tags undoubtedly provides another important channel for search engine optimization: when users search, if they are not satisfied with the search results or have other related needs, they can switch to different search results by clicking on the recommended tags. If the app can occupy the top position in the search results of these tags, it is undoubtedly beneficial to the exposure and download conversion of the app.


Apple is reportedly testing this new feature to make the search results more in line with users’ search needs. Most of the users who have experienced this feature are running iOS 14.5 beta, and a few of them said they saw this feature on iOS 14.4.2, so those who are interested can try their luck. Other regions have not yet pushed the feature, but we should see it soon. Are you looking forward to this new feature? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section to discuss it.

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