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What if there was a subscription-based solution that enables you to receive your competitors’ latest creatives?

What if there was a subscription-based solution that enables you to receive your competitors’ latest creatives?

Creative assets are the main ingredients that app campaigns use to create ads. The first thing that attracts attention for anyone to download an app is how interesting the creatives are. We’re human, and we all judge a book by its cover.


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There are numerous factors determining success when it comes to promoting an app. Whether its tailor-made graphics or best-performing banners, we. crave. creatives.

It is a priority for many mobile app developers to create winning user acquisition campaigns with mobile advertising insights. Every fraction for every piece of creative matters when it comes to analyzing the creative sets of your competitors.

It is hard enough as it is to know what types of creative ads you need, let alone trying to spot which app or publisher is constantly creating new and possibly improved ones. Growth marketers use creative ads to drive better conversion rates and this has become a great struggle.

Specifically, in the mobile gaming industry, it’s a whole other responsibility to keep track of hundreds, maybe thousands of creatives. You can’t risk letting this matter slide.

We’ve previously identified how to uncover your competitors’ in-app ad strategies with our Ad Intelligence updates and how you can discover all the creatives of your competitors and access crucial metrics of their campaigns to create the most engaging ads possible.

Now it’s time for you to keep up with the latest creatives of your competitors by eliminating screen time – spying made easy for all the Sherlock Holmes’ out there!

Let’s delve into the uncoverable world of creatives and why it is so important to keep track of new trends. While you’re discovering different ad compositions, it takes to time to spot and track the latest creatives of your competitors.

What if there was a subscription-based solution that enables you to receive your competitors’ latest creatives?

Within the multitude of filters and sorting options, you can easily create a segment, subscribe with your email address, give it a title for you to easily remember, choose the platform, country, and network of your competitor, filter it based on an app name, app publisher, app category, or select from the collection of your favorite apps, select the media filter and voilà, you’ll receive an email notification once your competitor adds their latest creatives.

Subscribe to your competitors’ latest creatives through the Top Creatives feature of Ad Intelligence

New creative ideas and fast iterations are gold in the industry when it comes to fine-tuning the performance of your UA efforts.

Assume that you’re a UA manager. Here are some of your daily tasks:

  • Plan, launch, optimize and analyze UA campaigns
  • Managing UA campaigns and budget across multiple channels
  • Researching and evaluating UA trends
  • Playing a prominent role in the creative and production direction
  • Having an analytical, creative and metrics-driven approach
  • Ensuring top-notch fully optimized creatives 
  • Analyzing and reporting UA campaigns

And the list goes on and on…

If I were to be one of the talented UA managers for Garena, I wouldn’t probably have the time to search for every new creative my competitor, for example, Tencent Mobile International Limited, keeps publishing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  So let’s take a sneak peek at how MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence – Top Creatives product can help ease my pain when it comes to tracking the latest & most trendy creatives:

Check out the video above to see the subscription-based solution that enables you to receive your competitors’ latest creatives.

While playing a prominent role in the creative direction, ensuring fully optimized successful creatives, and serving their A-game to launch successful UA campaigns, it is extra work to keep track of an unimaginable number of creatives.


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