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Use growth hacker marketing to skyrocket your apps success

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Use growth hacker marketing to skyrocket your apps success

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacker marketing is all about getting quick results. It relies on low-cost strategies that shorten the journey to success.

Although growth hacking methods can be used by any business, they are perfect for startups (or brand-new apps) that need some shortcuts to growth.

While traditional marketing is key for increasing brand recognition and sustaining success, growth hacker marketing is focused on growing. That’s why an effective growth hacking strategy will give your new business or app the kickstart it needs.

Growth hacking in digital marketing

What is the best growth hacking strategy? That probably depends on your particular business or app.

Check out the growth hacking methods listed below to find one that works for you.

Boost your email list

Email marketing should be part of your overall marketing plan because it allows you to stay in touch with current customers and convert leads into new customers. But you need subscribers before you can send powerful email campaigns.

This takes time, but you don’t want to wait! Expedite the process by putting an exit-intent popup on your site.

This popup will appear whenever visitors are about to leave your site. The popup requests their contact information so that they can keep in touch with you or receive free, downloadable content. Using this tactic will surely get their attention and quickly grow your email list.

Make your app known on social media

Social media is another channel you should be using in your marketing plan. Why? Because there are countless users on the most popular social sites! You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to capture their attention and convince them to download your app.

But creating great content can be time-consuming and establishing your presence on social media requires patience. Although you can’t overlook the need to stick to a long-term strategy, you can also use a growth hacking method that will get your content circulated.
The strategy involves presenting an enticing reward to users in exchange for sharing your content. This will definitely motivate users to share your social media posts.

Another growth hacking option is to invest in social media ads. These ads are effective because you get to choose the target market. And they are affordable compared to the cost of other advertising platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter are all good options when it comes to advertising on social media platforms.

Get users hooked right away

Use gamification tactics to make the onboarding process fun and retain more users. Because what good are new users if they don’t stick around?

Gamify the onboarding process by rewarding users for each step they complete. You can also offer rewards to users who get their friends to download your app and finish the onboarding process.

Advertise your app in other apps

In-app ads can skyrocket your app’s growth. Here’s how it works.

You create a compelling ad that convinces users that your app is awesome. Then other app developers display the ad in their own apps.

The developers are paid for displaying these ads while more of their users become aware of your app. Ideally, this will cause some of those users to download your app.

Growth hacker marketing offers many great opportunities to quickly grow your app and reach success. If you are eager to see results, try one or more of the growth hacking methods described in this article.

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