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Tinder, Lyft pair up to help ‘post-lockdown daters’

Dive Brief:

  • Tinder members can gift their dates a Lyft ride through the dating app as part of a partnership the companies announced in a press release this week.
  • Additional features are set to roll out in the coming months, and exclusive perks may also be available, per the release.
  • The partnership comes as both companies have seen increased interest as COVID-19 vaccines roll out and consumers return to pre-pandemic activities like in-person dating and ride-hailing app usage.

Dive Insight:

Tinder and Lyft are billing their partnership as a “first-of-its-kind” coupling, which comes as consumer behaviors are changing yet again as vaccines roll out and governments lift some coronavirus-related restrictions, creating unique needs for what Tinder refers to as “post-lockdown daters.” Mentions of “go on a date” in Tinder bios hit an all-time high in February, while Lyft’s weekly ridership volume reached a record level since the pandemic’s onset in the U.S. in March 2020.

“Although the world has been changed forever, people are yearning for human connection, cities to reopen, and the moment when we can all socialize again,” Julia Parsons, head of partnership marketing at Lyft, said in the release.

By allowing Tinder users to gift a Lyft ride to their dates, both apps could increase engagement as consumers look to resume in-person dating and ride-hailing, but in ways that keep the persistence of the pandemic in mind. Swipe activity hit 3.4 billion on Jan. 3, according to David Wyler, Tinder’s senior vice president of business development and partnerships.

Tinder and sister brand Match have partnered with brands throughout the pandemic to meet changing consumer demands. Tinder in October collaborated with Wrigley’s Orbit Gum on a chatbot to help people respond to off-color messages in the dating app, while Match in January partnered with O’Doul’s to offer Virtual Date Kits. The dating services now look prepared to partner on features and activations that have in-person dating in mind.



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