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Free Sources to Master App Advertising

The mobile environment becomes more competitive every day, which makes it very hard for apps, especially for new ones that need to stand out and get the attention of potential users. App Store Optimization is a great way to improve your app store rankings organically. However, in order to strengthen your presence and boost app store rankings quickly, app advertising is a must.

Today, we prepared a list of 5 free resources to help you improve your knowledge on app ads and master App Store ads and Google Play ads.

Where to learn about Mobile Advertising

1. App Radar ASA Academy

App Radar has just released a free App Store Advertising academy. Hence, the content is very fresh and up to date. The academy aims to help those who are just starting or those who wish to deepen their knowledge. The academy consists of 6 chapters that begin by giving you an overview of app ads. Then you are able to focus separately on Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns. You will also learn ways to unite your App Store Optimization and your mobile advertising strategies, how to do budgeting for your app ads and how to track their performance. All in order to boost your app’s visibility and downloads.


2. Learn how to create and optimize Google App Campaigns

That’s a free course by Google, so it will talk only about Google App Campaigns as you can imagine. Yet, it’s still a great way to learn directly from Google. The course consists of 4 modules, and there are also two self-assessment parts. The course starts with a short introduction about the app ecosystem; then it explains how to set up app campaigns, moving to advanced tips and app visibility and experience. You can take the whole course in 1 hour and 30 minutes.


3. Apple Search Ads Handbook

As the name suggests, the handbook is only about Apple Search Ads. It covers from your account structure to revenue topics.  If you have never had any contact with app advertising, the material can be a little overwhelming since it’s very focused on hands-on activities. But, if you are already familiar with that, it’s a great resource to learn more about App Store ads and to get advanced tips about keywords with no impressions and keyword filters. One notable thing about this handbook is the chapter about “dos and dont’s” regarding budget, targeting, and bidding.


4. Splitmetrics’ Mobile App Advertising Guide

That’s a great guide if you already know something about app advertising and want to dive deeper into advanced topics. The content is from 2019, so you might find some outdated information, but you can still learn a lot with it. In the beginning, you will get an overview of Apple Search Ads and then move to more advanced topics such as Mobile Advertising Servers, Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), Affiliate Networks, and App Install platforms. One advantage of this guide is the section about app ads on Facebook. The content also talks a little about in-app advertising. If you want to have full access to the guide, you will need to subscribe to Splitmetrics’ blog.


5. Paid App User Acquisition Ebook

If you are an ebook fan, this is for you. Even though the ebook is a little outdated (2019), it is still a great source to learn about user acquisitionYou will learn about key metrics, the different types of ads, and tips for your paid user acquisition strategy. One unique thing about this ebook is that it gives you an idea of ad fraud and also further resources about this topic if you are interested in that.



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