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ASA display volume is low? It’s probably because your product weight is too low!

We have repeatedly mentioned that product weight is an important factor affecting ASM ad bidding results because Apple will assign display levels based on product weight, so today we will summarize the ways to improve product weight.

Table of Content

Product weight is mainly affected by metadata relevance, natural downloads, ad conversion rate and user data, and we will analyze each of these 4 aspects.

Metadata Relevance

Metadata relevance refers to the relevance of the App to a keyword, the higher the natural ranking of the keyword, the higher the relevance.

Therefore, we can fill in the core keywords in the title, subtitle and keywords through basic ASO optimization to improve the natural search ranking, so as to improve the relevance.

Natural Downloads

Apple will assign the display level by evaluating the popularity of the app by users, and the measure of user popularity is the natural volume and conversion rate. Apple believes that the higher the natural download level, the more popular the product is with users, and naturally, more display volume will be allocated.

The natural volume here refers to all the download volume except the ASM channel volume, which can be judged based on the list: the higher the list, the larger the natural volume and the higher the product weight. Therefore, you can improve the natural volume and product ranking by promoting with other channels to improve the product weight.

Ad conversion rate

The conversion rate of ads is also a measure of Apple’s evaluation of user popularity. Products with poor conversion rate will be considered by Apple as unloved by users, so if you want to increase the display level, you need to improve the conversion rate.

There are many factors that influence conversion rate, including title/sub-title, Icon, screenshot/video, description/promotional text, rating comments, etc. Conversion rates include click-through and install rates, which have slightly different influencing factors, so let’s look at them separately.


The ad interface will display headlines, subheads and Icon, and their relevance to the placement words and their appeal to users will directly affect the click-through and install rates of the ads.

Screenshot/Video/Description Text/Promo Text

There are 3 types of display materials in ASM, namely Title+Icon+Description, Title+Icon+Screenshot and Title+Icon+Video, and the factors affecting the conversion rate are different for different display materials.

When the ad material is screenshots, only the first 3 vertical screenshots and the 1st horizontal screenshot are displayed, so the optimization of the first 3 vertical screenshots and the 1st horizontal screenshot will improve the click rate of the ad.

Unlike the click-through rate, the install rate is most affected by the first 1.5 screenshots, because only the first 1.5 screenshots are displayed on the product detail page, and the remaining part needs to be swiped to the left to be seen.

Material video

When the ad material is a video, the first 10 seconds of content and audio are very important (the video material will start playing automatically), especially for game apps, a good visual preview of the video ad will greatly improve the conversion rate of the ad.

When the ad material is description/promotional text, it only shows the first 2 lines on the ad page, and on the product detail page, the product description text is collapsed in the 3rd line, and the content after the 3rd line is hidden in the “more” button, so putting the key information in the first 2 lines can effectively improve the conversion rate of the ad.

User Data

The user data here refers to the follow-up data after user installation, including activation, payment, activity, retention, etc. They are also a criterion for Apple to judge whether the product is loved by users. (This part of the data needs to be accessed through the Apple API with the help of third-party tools or by accessing its own database for statistics.)

User data is most influenced by the product itself, so if you want to improve user data, you need to rely on optimizing the product to achieve it. You can improve the follow-up data of users by optimizing the conversion portal, reducing the process, etc., so as to improve the product weighting.

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