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Sky trials Shoppable Ads on Sky Mobile

Sky trials Shoppable Ads on Sky Mobile

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Sky trials Shoppable Ads on Sky Mobile

Sky Media is piloting Shoppable Ads on its Sky Mobile.

The addressable TV advertising format will include a QR code that viewers can use to go to a brand’s website.

It’s not the QR code added to the TV ad that makes the new format stand out, but its embedded stoppable functionality which draws upon Sky Media’s targeting and measurement analytics.

“TV is proven to both build brands and drive short-term response. Now, as the pace of mCommerce innovation quickens, we’re able to leverage dual screening behaviours to capture attention and supercharge immediate, measurable response. At Sky Media, we’re pleased to be leading the industry in this space as the only broadcaster that is able to link sales directly with our viewing data,” said Director of Products and Advertising Innovation at Sky Media, Dan Cohen.

The measurement tools enable advertisers to attribute website visits and sales conversions to their TV spend.

Shoppable campaigns are also being A/B tested with learnings applied to optimise campaign impact.

“In the UK, Sky customers spend more online than other UK households. In fact, Sky households are 30 per cent more likely to buy online after watching a TV advert compared to the average adult, which unlocks huge opportunities for advertisers. We’re really excited to see how this pilot campaign performs for Sky Mobile and are keen to work with other brands to trial our new shoppable proposition.”

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