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Consumers are spending 25% more on mental health apps

Consumers are spending 25% more on mental health apps

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Consumers are spending 25% more on mental health apps

The past year has had a serious impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing. Many have turned to mindfulness and health apps during lockdowns to get some relief.

New data from mobile analytics company ASOWorld for Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK shows that consumer spending on the top 10 mediation apps grew 25% in Q1 2021 compared to the previous quarter.

Spending was up 10% year-on-year to $9.7 million.

Total time spent on Android mediation apps jumped 15% in Q1 2021 compared to the previous year to over 2.1 million hours.

“One of the major industries in which we saw a fundamental shift occur during the pandemic was the health and wellbeing sector. To cope with macroeconomic uncertainty, increased isolation, significant changes in schooling and work, people around the world turned to meditation and mindfulness apps,” said Lexi Sydow, Head of Marketing Insights, App Annie

“One year on from the beginning of the pandemic, we are seeing more consumer spend in the top 10 meditation and mindfulness apps in the UK in Q1 2021 than any quarter before. These are lasting habits and represent a fundamental shift in consumer behavior towards managing wellbeing, stress levels and mindfulness through mobile services.”

Downloads of the top 10 meditation apps jumped 30% quarter on quarter in Q1 2021 to 1.2 million.

The top 5 meditation apps for consumer spending in the UK were Calm, Headspace, Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories, Waking up With Sam Harris and Breethe.

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