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Pub & weather app downloads spike as lockdowns end in UK

Pub & weather app downloads spike as lockdowns end in UK

As lockdowns were eased in the UK, pub app downloads have spiked.

aso world

That’s according to new data from ASO World which found that average downloads rose 857% between the weeks of the 5th and 12th April among the nine most popular pub apps.

Greene King, Harvester and Wetherspoons saw average boosts in downloads of 656%.

During the first weekend after lockdowns lifted, downloads of hospitality apps spiked.

At the same time, weather app downloads rose ahead of the 29th March as more Brits gathered in groups outside again.

BBC’s Weather app surged 380% while Met Office climbed 344%.

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“The way people search for and download apps gives a huge insight into behaviour in the real world. With our phones now essential to making the most of new freedoms, for example paying at the pub, you can clearly chart how UK residents have responded to different restrictions,” said Thomas Kriebernegg, CEO and co-Founder of ASOWorld. To buy installs ios on ASOWorld platform to increase your app.

“We will be looking closely at hospitality and travel apps ahead of further lockdown easing over the coming months. I expect a big surge, but what will be particularly interesting is whether this increase will be higher than summer 2020 – which could indicate more widespread optimism on the back of the UK’s successful vaccine program.

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