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Facebook launches Clubhouse competitor Live Audio Rooms

Facebook launches Clubhouse competitor Live Audio Rooms

Facebook launched its Live Audio Rooms this week, a Clubhouse competitor that gives users a platform to listen in on conversations and discussions.

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The company will test audio rooms in Groups.

As Clubhouse kicked off many social media platforms including Twitter have attempted to follow suit and launch similar tools.

Facebook announced that it was also building a range of new audio creation tools that will be added to the Facebook app.

They include speech-to-text and voice morphing based on AI technologies. The social network is also adding sound and voice effects.

Users will soon be able to create Soundbites, which are short-form, creative audio clips to share moments with others.

Soundbites are being introduced with the help of creators including Drew Lynch and Lolo Spencer.

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Facebook will also be adding podcasts to its list of audio features. Over 70 million of its users already follow podcast pages, but Facebook wants to make it easier for podcasts to be directly integrated into its platform.

“With live audio, creators will be able to turn a live conversation into a podcast for everyone to listen to later. We also want to give creators and fans tools to share the best excerpts from a live audio or podcast and publish them as Soundbites to encourage more discussion. Additionally, we’re going to offer captions on all these audio experiences to make them accessible to all. And if you have the sound off or prefer to follow along with text, you will be able to access this universe of content on your terms,” the company said in its blog post.

Creators will ultimately be able to monetise their audio content and accept donations from listeners.

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