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Mobile App Marketing: Growing Your Game with us

Mobile App Marketing: Growing Your Game with us

Increasing app visibility is essential for every app, as it will be one of the primary drivers of app growth. App Marketers spend a lot of money and time finding the right keywords, increasing their visibility scores, and building the best mobile app marketing strategy.


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From mobile ad creatives to Apple Search Ads, there are many different ways that you can advertise your app. Whatever combination of app growth methods you choose, you still need the proper tools to build your mobile user acquisition strategy. Luckily, MobileAction is ready to help your every app marketing need with an all-in-one dashboard.

Increasing App Visibility with App Store Optimization

If users can easily find your app on the app store, your potential to receive downloads will increase significantly. Thus App Store Optimization is central for any mobile app marketing strategy, and gaming apps are no exception.

To create your own ASO strategy, you need to know your app and the market. With App Store Optimization tools, you can research, monitor, and optimize seamlessly.  This way you can increase your visibility score consistently, allowing you to get more organic traffic and downloads.

Royal Match is one of those apps that is steadily increasing its visibility score in the US.  You can see their visibility development over a 3 month period.

After you conduct app store Keyword Research, you need to optimize your product page as the next step. Once users find your app and come to the listing, it is time to close the deal!

Your creative assets will be crucial for getting the most conversions. Even though it might seem simple, designing your app icon or the screenshots on your page requires attention to detail.

For most instances, you want to go with a clean design. Having an app icon that instantly is recognized and differentiated will be helpful. Among Us and Subway Surfers are great examples of iconic app icons.

Your screenshots are the best place to display the epic features of your game. Without overpowering the visuals with text, you can convey your value propositions to users while also displaying your beautiful UI. Through App Intelligence, you can take a peek at your competitor’s product pages to come up with your own ideas.

If you want to take your place amongst the most popular game apps, every aspect of your mobile user acquisition strategy should be given careful consideration.

How to Use Apple Search Ads To Skip The Organic Line

Since the release of iOS 14.5, Apple Search Ads has been gaining popularity amongst gaming apps. Our data shows that the most popular game apps are running Apple Search Ads to increase app downloads. Apple Search Ads is effective for increasing app visibility due to the ad placement in the platform.

An important factor is the fact that ASO and Apple Search Ads strategies go hand in hand. If you already have a solid ASO strategy, Apple Search Ads can boost your app growth significantly. Giving the highest bid is not enough to win impressions in Apple Search Ads because relevancy is also considered. Thus your ASO strategy will help you to reduce your mobile user acquisition costs.

Through SearchAds Intelligence, you can analyze the most important metrics of a keyword in the blink of an eye. Not only can you view the search traffic and the number of apps ranking for a certain keyword, but you can also see how many apps are running ads for it. This way, you can find the best keywords for both your Apple Search Ads and ASO efforts.

Mobile Advertising Strategies for Gaming Apps

In addition to ASO and Apple Search Ads, using mobile ad networks is still a valid way for marketing your mobile app. Publishing your own ad creatives can help you to extend your reach to potential users.

Regardless of what kind of game you have, analyzing successful apps and their mobile user acquisition strategy is a great way to start. MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence tool can show you which creatives are used by top advertisers and the mobile ad networks they are advertising through. By filtering your search results, you can instantly get a view of your competitor’s paid mobile user acquisition strategy.

If you want to promote your app like a Top Advertiser you will need to analyze ad creatives as well. You can apply filters according to your preferences like county or network and see top creatives or allow apps in specific ad networks.

For example, you can see how many ad creatives were published by Royal Match, and on the top-right corner, you can see creative format distribution. This will give some insights about which format will be more successful for your app and how you can also successfully advertise your app.

Analyzing ad creative will allow you to see what your competitors are doing to get more downloads. Additionally, you can also gather inspiration from the app marketing environment to build the most effective ad creatives!

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