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BetMGM app records 90% lift in revenues

BetMGM app records 90% lift in revenues

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BetMGM app records 90% lift in revenues

Revenues of sports booking app BetMGM climbed 90% of its 2020 during the first three months of 2021.

According to parent MGM, revenues were $163 million during Q1 2021 and are forecast to cross the $1 billion mark in 2022.

That means BetMGM would take at least 20% in US online betting market share.

The app is currently live in 12 states and hopes to operate in 20 markets by the end of the year. It now has some 160 million registered consumers.

The company manages a few different apps including a dedicated poker and casino app, in addition to its sports app.

“BetMGM has demonstrated strong momentum, building a leading position in iGaming and is on track to be the number two operator across sports betting and iGaming in the U.S.,” said Adam Greenblatt, BetMGM’s Chief Executive.

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