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You Should Pay Attention To These Gamification Examples

Gamification is an effective strategy that encourages users to interact with your app and increases their loyalty to your business. This article will explain what gamification is and then give some great examples of how it’s used.

What is gamification?

Implementing gaming techniques in everyday tasks for the purpose of engaging customers and employees is known as gamification.

Here are some common gamification examples:

  • Rewards Programs – Customers earn points every time they make purchases.
  • Customer Surveys – Enticing consumers to complete surveys in return for a reward is another common example of gamification.
  • Motivating Employees – Gamification isn’t only for customers! Employers often use gaming techniques to motivate employees to improve their work-related skills.
  • Gamification App – Incorporating app gamification tactics to keep users engaged with your app increases user retention.

We are going to take a closer look at that last example because many app developers focus on acquiring users, but retaining them is just as important!

Here is an example of how it works. Let’s say you have a fitness app. Users would download that particular app because they want to get in shape.

Their goal is to reach a certain level of fitness, while your goal is to keep them using your app. By implementing gamification techniques, you can make it fun for users to reach their fitness goals, which will motivate them to keep using your app.

So users get what they want, which is to improve their physical fitness, and you get what you want, which is to retain those users. It’s a win-win!

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Examples of gamification for apps

Here are some of the best gamification apps.

Smart Pig – Financial App

This productivity app turns money management into a game. Users set purchasing goals and save up enough money until they can afford the purchase.

Users can create accounts where the money will be stored. Each new deposit updates the progress bar, giving users a visual idea of how much further they have to go.

Fitocracy – Fitness App

Many of us struggle to work out. This app makes it fun to get into shape! Users level up and gain experience when they consistently exercise and make healthy meal choices.

It also connects users to other exercisers, leading them to fitness groups where they can find encouragement and support. After all, one of the best ways to stay motivated is to team up with others.

Tinycards – Educational App

Gamification makes flashcards more effective in this educational app, which offers flashcards for many different subjects.

The traditional method of using flashcards is gamified by showing users a progress bar that fills up as they work through a virtual card deck. Users also earn accomplishments along the way.

In addition, users have the ability to create their own set of flashcards, which they can share with others.

Challenge Timer – Productivity App

Challenge Timer makes big projects less overwhelming by breaking them down into smaller tasks. Users must complete each task within a certain period of time and are unable to pause the timer.

Each completed task gets marked, giving users a sense of accomplishment. The limited amount of time given to complete a task forces users to stay focused and makes their to-do lists feel like a fun game.

Clicking the “Forfeit Work Session” button is the equivalent of losing a game, something most users want to avoid as much as possible. This prevents them from coming up with excuses that lead to procrastination.

Gamification works well for the apps listed above, and it could be a tactic that your app would benefit from too.


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