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Why Data Privacy Is the Number One Priority

Why Data Privacy Is the Number One Priority

Since data has become more transparent, the importance of data privacy has become a major issue. When a company operates in a data-driven environment and when the data accuracy becomes a major competitive advantage, some companies, unfortunately, resort to underhanded methods to get the upper hand in the market. Such practices put the users in a vulnerable position while the quoted companies gain enormous profit out of them. As MobileAction, we are completely against the use of such methods and would like to urge everyone to practice data privacy policies to protect the individual users.


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As a data company that aims to provide actionable insights into the app growth, we take pride in our privacy-sensitive algorithms and models to provide the most actionable data in a way not to endanger users’ privacy. We are well aware that any action that will lead to hazardous consequences in terms of users’ private data will not only harm our reputation but also bring about severe outcomes for users in the app ecosystem. Our CEO, Aykut Karaalioglu emphasized the importance of data protection earlier in an interview:

“No matter what, we never compromise the data privacy for anything. To protect the private data of the users is not just our duty, but also all the other app market intelligence companies’ in the industry.”

Aykut Karaalioglu, CEO at MobileAction

Our COO, Yekta Ozcomert also explains how MobileAction cares about data privacy:

“Our technology and algorithms are designed to provide actionable data to our partners without jeopardizing any data about individual users. We always strive to protect the interests of both app users and app publishers, and we know that this liability is a major trust factor for our partners.”

Yekta Ozcomert, COO at MobileAction

For all these reasons, we put the utmost priority in protecting the privacy of users. As we did in the past, we’ll continue to equip our partners with the most accurate possible data, depending only on our algorithm.

How Business Apps Reached the Top

It is clear that a lot of businesses have been switching to remote for the time being to ensure their employees’ safety by decreasing their social interaction. This can be seen when we look at our data too. There’s a clear rise in apps that support working from home like Zoom, which is trending in both the App Store and Google Trends.

Zoom is an app that lets you do video or audio conferences while being able to share your screen with your co-workers, so, it is no wonder it has become a top app since the coronavirus outbreak reached its peak.

Like with Google Classrooms, Zoom has seen a rise after February 23rd on the App Store, when coronavirus made its way to Italy. While it ranked 869th in the overall and 12th in the business category, it is number 1 in business and number 2 in the overall on March 17th.

Historical Category Ranking of Zoom in the US

When we look at its category rankings in the US, we see that its rise came later on in March, however, it is now number 1 in both business and overall.

Trending Searches in the App Store

We can also see from Keyword Research using MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence tool that Zoom has made its way to trending keywords as well, along with Google Classroom, showing once again the virus’s effect on apps that support work and education from home.

Keyword Trends in the App Store

Our analysis shows that apps in certain categories have been losing their popularity as expected, such as travel. On the other hand, when there’s more improvement in research regarding the Coronavirus there might be a rise in categories such as health and fitness as there is in education and business right now.

Share of Voice for “Coronavirus”

Let’s take a look at how keywords such as “coronavirus”, “corona”, and ”virus” are trending since Jan.1st, 2020.

Below is the Share of Voice data from our Keyword Trends feature for the aforementioned keywords in the US:

As you can see, both the “coronavirus” keyword and its components have a popularity score above 50, which indicates a highly popular keyword in the App Store. For the “coronavirus” keyword, 41 apps are ranking, and unsurprisingly, the majority of these are from Medical and Health & Fitness categories. On the organic side, the highest share of taps goes to an app called “Coronavirus – SUS”, which is a Health & Fitness app released by the Ministry of Health in Brazil to raise awareness about coronavirus.

On the paid side, we see a more interesting insight. A game called “Pooking – Billards City” dominates all the Search Ads taps by itself! Looking at the description of the app, we can say that it has nothing to do with the outbreak but still invested in this popular keyword to leverage the traffic.

For the keywords “corona” and “virus”, we see very distinctive category distribution. Similar to the “coronavirus” keyword, for “corona”, Medical (30%) and Health & Fitness (13%) apps got the most share, but we also see an addition of Games category. As for the “virus”, the Games category got the highest percentage. And as we mentioned in our post about Reviews. is the game ranking at the very top for that keyword.

We tried to give you a general picture of the ranking changes of the most affected categories and the change in trending searches. Hope you enjoyed our post. Let us know your opinions in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more actionable insights.

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