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Top tips to make your social ads successful

app promotion

Organic posts on social media can be effective for reaching users, but if you really want to get the best results you should consider implementing social ads in your marketing plan. This paid advertising strategy is very helpful for getting your app in front of more users.

Table of Contents


Top tips to make your social ads successful

Different types of ads on social media

There are many different social media platforms. The one you choose depends on where your target market is most likely to be.

We are going to go over a few of the most common social media channels right now.


Facebook can help you reach more users and engage with customers. When setting up your social media campaign on Facebook, you can target a specific group of users. This is what makes Facebook business advertising so effective.


Instagram paid ads include:

  • Photos and Videos – These contain the word “Sponsored” in the top right corner.
  • Carousel – This ad is made of multiple images.
  • Collections – This type of ad is comprised of a cover photo and product images.
  • Instagram Stories – These ads appear between stories.


Ads on this social media platform are called Promoted Pins. The only indication that these pins are sponsored is the “Promoted” tag they must have. This tag vanishes when users save promoted pin to their boards.


Paid YouTube ads include:

  • TrueView Ads – Viewers are given the chance to skip them once the first five seconds have passed.
  • Non-Skippable – These ads can’t be longer than 20 seconds and viewers are unable to skip them.
  • Bumper Ads – Another ad that can’t be skipped. They are no more than six seconds long.

Tips for success

Be sure to get the best results from your paid user acquisition strategies by following the tips listed below.

Set your goals

Knowing what to strive for will help you plot the right steps to success.

Determine your target audience

You need to determine your target audience so that you know which social media platform to use.

Don’t give up on organic posts

Don’t stop your organic posts when running your social media advertising campaigns. If you stick to the organic posting strategies that produce success you will learn which messages appeal to your target market. You can then incorporate those messages into your social ads.

Choose between impressions and engagements

You will either pay for each impression your ad receives or you will pay each time someone engages with your ad. So, what should you choose?

A focus on impressions allows you to reach more users, but not all of those users will be interested in your app.

Paying for engagements will keep you focused on creating a message that best appeals to the types of users who would be interested in your app. Although this is a smart strategy, going this route requires extra care when creating the message for your social advertisement.

This is because you don’t want to waste money on engagements with users who aren’t likely to download your app.

Design your ads for mobile devices

Many users scroll through social media on their mobile devices. This should be kept in mind when designing your social ads. Make sure the ads can be seen on small mobile screens.

Analyze results

Check out how your social media ads are performing by analyzing the results of each campaign. This will show you what worked and what didn’t so that your next campaign will be even more successful.

Social ads can be an extremely effective strategy for acquiring more users. If you know which social media sites your target market is on and how to create a message that attracts them, there is no reason why your social media campaign can’t be a great success.

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