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Top Advertising Apps of July 2021

App Marketing is a tough business. With millions of apps from various categories, all competing for the attention of the masses, staying alive and ahead is harder than ever. For this reason, market research is a must for any app marketer developing a mobile user acquisition strategy.

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Surely, time is the most valuable thing one has, and with the right mobile ad intelligence tools, you can make sure that you get the most from your efforts.

We used our Top Advertisers tool to bring you the top advertising apps of July 2021. In this article, we’ll go over some of these apps and try to draw some insights about how to promote your app for maximum results.

Listing apps according to their estimated impressions scores allows you to see the bigger picture. This way you can judge the competition in the category, locate your competitors and adapt your app user acquisition strategy in a data-driven manner.

For example, it’s quite interesting how has 8795 creatives and is standing at the top of the list, whereas the 10th app, Muscle Rush – Destruction Run only has 204 creatives.

When trying to advertise your app, you need to know that there isn’t a single correct way to get the results you desire. Through research and optimization, there is no reason for your app to not reach the top charts!

Hair Challenge

Casual games are quite fun to track. Game developers find the most interesting ideas and try to bring them into life to get the maximum number of people to download the app.

In this runner game, users try to keep their hair from getting cut. The game features simple graphics with lively colors, which is surely easy on the eye.

In terms of creatives, we can see that Hair Challenge has a format that they get a lot of impressions from.

As you can see, they put different texts over their gameplay in order to attract users. In some creatives, we can see that they try to push the message that the game is difficult, while in others they emphasize how satisfying it is.

Finally, we can see that they actively localize their creatives in order to communicate with users all around the world. We always mention the importance of localizing your efforts, both in terms of App Store Optimization and your creative strategy. Hair Challenge is another app that shows us this best practice in action.

So let’s start with the Top Advertising app in the App Store,, to see what they’re doing to stay at the top of the charts.

For starters, is a successful finance app, in a very competitive market. It has been leading the genre for a while.

Even though Bitcoin has been around since 2009, it only has become increasingly popular in the last few years, therefore attracting many new investors. As a result, now there are many finance apps on the market which allow Crypto-currency transactions. relies heavily on paid mobile user acquisition strategies, and it seems to be working for them. Through our Campaign Analysis, we get to see the mobile ad strategy of has creatives on 12 mobile ad networks, but their main focus appears to be Mopub. It’s surely important for them to keep a close eye on where they’re getting the most traction, in terms of downloads and costs in order to adjust their spending accordingly. This way they are able to distribute over 8 thousand creatives in the most profitable way.

It should be also noted that is paying attention to App Store Optimization as their visibility score is calculated as 83.

While their advertising strategy seems rather aggressive, their creatives are well designed. They focus on their value propositions and attract potential users with what they will value the most. Low costs, security, and simplicity seems to be their main value propositions.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is the 8th Top Advertiser in the App Store. In addition to the traditional mobile ad networks, we can see that Candy Crush is also utilizing Apple Search Ads to boost its growth.

As you might notice, Candy Crush is really strong organically, with a visibility score of 92. There is no doubt that their App Store Optimization efforts increase the returns they get from Apple Search Ads. They are bidding on 2045 keywords in the United States to acquire users from the App Store.

In terms of creatives, they appear to focus on Video and Html assets as they allow them to display their app in an efficient manner. Potential users are able to judge quickly whether or not the app is interesting for them. The playful colors they use in their interface along with addictive gameplay surely catches the eye of the eye.

In order to join the challenge and have your app higher up the ranks, you must be paying close attention to the environment. What other apps are doing and what users are looking for should be at the core of your app marketing strategy.


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