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Get Even More Context and Insight with Review Images

Consumer behavior shows that individuals are eager to leave reviews and feedback after their experiences with a brand, specifically after a highly positive or negative experience. Those reviews don’t just affect your online reputation; they also have ramifications on your customer acquisition efforts.

According to customer reviews data, 94% of consumers say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. These reviews act as social proof to other buyers to help influence their purchasing decisions.

If we think about our own consumer behavior, we can all identify a scenario when we leveraged reviews to help inform a purchase decision. While it is easy to understand why consumers leave reviews post-service, and how they help influence other prospective buyers, a growing number of brands leverage feedback and review insights themselves to extract information about the customer experience. Doing so enhances operations and creates experiences that meet and exceed expectations, helping to digitally transform their brand.

Insights into Customer Experiences Drive Operational Excellence

With the right review insights, brands easily extract information vital to operations, such as  which location has the best manager, or which clinic has the longest wait time on the weekends. In a time of caution, these insights can even show which locations are following COVID-19 policies.

From a long-term perspective, reviews provide context into customer experiences that can translate to meaningful change, which drives retention, loyalty, and most of all, revenue.

It’s time that brands start looking directly at what customers want and need out of their experiences. By leveraging reviews and feedback, brands get the most candid insights into experiences possible.

Review Images Provide Context to Transform Experiences

New from ReviewTrackers, Review Images provides even more context into consumer experiences.

By pulling Google, Facebook and Yelp images into the ReviewTrackers platform, brands now have the ability to extract additional trends and sentiment from reviews, and supporting images to gather a more holistic view of customer experiences.

Additional context, especially in the form of images can be crucial for customer acquisition. Data from Bazaarvoice shows 66% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if the page includes customer photos, which usually accompany reviews. Additional data from Bazaarvoice also shows that 29% of shoppers specifically look for customer reviews with photos and videos.

From a brand perspective, monitoring review images allows a team to ensure that the images posted alongside reviews are a clear representation of the brand. Managing and staying on top of photos posted alongside reviews help multi-location companies ensure that all locations are delivering consistent and satisfactory experiences and services.

Add Review Images to Your Reputation Management Strategy

With the added insight and context of review images to trends and keyword extraction from reviews, brands increase loyalty and revenue, giving them a leg up on the competition.

When a brand realizes the importance of monitoring and managing their brand reputation through feedback, reviews and review images, they have deeper intel into customer needs, empowering them to transform their offerings at a quicker pace than others in the space.

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