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Toon Blast: Spreading your App All Around the World

Toon Blast: Spreading your App All Around the World

If you enjoy playing games on your phone, you have most probably heard about Toon Blast. Even if you do not use your phone often, you might have encountered one of their celebrity-starring ads in the movies or on TV. Along with Toy Blast, Toon Blast is one of the most successful apps of Peak Games. In this post, we will be taking a closer look into Toon Blast’s creative strategy and how they employ paid growth for user acquisition.

Table of Content

Toon Blast has been ranking 3rd or higher in the Top Advertisers list for the App Store for a long time.

When we take into consideration how competitive this category is, staying at the top of the list is an impressive indicator of dedication to advertising.

When we look at the grossing charts, we can see that the game is ranking very high both for Game Arcade and Game Puzzles categories. Along with user acquisition, maintaining your user base is also very important. As indicated by their data, it is safe to say that Peak Games has succeeded in both of these aspects.

Advertisement Analysis

Through MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence tools, we can take a deeper look into Peak Games’ advertising strategy. When examining a paid growth strategy, there are some key factors to look out for. For example the number of creatives, the ad networks used to distribute them, and the localization efforts on these creatives are all important factors.

First of all, we can see that the game is actively running 773 creatives. The total number of creatives that were used in the last month is also visible. Toon Blast used 1,889 creatives this month even though they are not running them all currently. A/B testing is likely being utilized to determine well-performing creatives while.

Market conditions and popular trends constantly change. Thus a well-performing creative for January might be sub-optimal for February due to changes in the app store.

With 51.4% of its creatives being videos, it is clear that Toon Blast prefers using videos for promoting itself. Video creatives are great for demonstrating your user interface along with some dynamics of the game. Being a tap-to-blast puzzle, Toon Blast can display almost the entirety of its gameplay in a few seconds through video clips. We will take a more detailed look into their creatives in the upcoming sections.


If you are planning to open your app to the world, some amount of localization will be needed. Just as trends change with time, they also change according to region. Different cultures might require different strategies to connect with users. You can check out our guide on localization for more detailed information about the topic.

Alterations on creatives for localization purposes might range from simple translations to creating completely new creatives for certain regions. By adapting your app to certain regions, you can increase your rankings in those areas hence generating more downloads.

Creative Distribution for Toon Blast

Toon Blast distributes its creatives all over the world. Even though Japan, U.S., and Korea seem to receive a bit more attention, creatives are almost evenly distributed around the rest of the world with values ranging from 1% to 2%.

Toon BlastCreatives in Italian, Japanese & Turkish

We can see that Toon Blast has translated its call to action to local languages for better engagement. As gaming apps mostly display their interface in these creatives, there isn’t much room for alterations. However, some other categories might need more serious changes in their creatives during localization. Social media apps are a good example of this. Bigo Live, one of the top advertisers, has changed its creatives significantly for appealing to different markets. You can check our post on creative assets to read more about Bigo’s localization efforts.

Toon Blast in Japan

Especially for important markets, translating your metadata along with your creatives is also important. In this case, we can see that Toon Blast has translated its App Name, Subtitle, and Description into Japanese to increase its organic rankings. You can read our keyword translation module post to learn more about the applications of keyword translation.

Toon Blast Audience Geography

Not surprisingly, due to their efforts all around the world, Toon Blast has managed to create a rather diversified audience that includes people from all around the world.

Creative Analysis

Taking a detailed look at your competitors’ creatives can provide valuable information. Any noticeable patterns in their creatives, from the colors they use to the subtitles they write, can be worth implementing in your strategy.

Creatives have to be regularly updated and checked for performance. This is why MobileAction allows you to subscribe to your competitors’ creatives, notifying you when they start using new ones.

This specific image is being used in the United States, through Facebook. We can see that different subtitles and body texts are used for this creative. We can also view the apps that this certain creative appears in.

For these kinds of “popping” games, the colors that are used in the game as well as the creatives are very important. The interface needs to be attractive to the eye, capturing the attention of potential users. We can see that Toon Blast is using very vivid colors, which immediately capture the gaze.

Through video creatives, we can get an understanding of Toon Blast’s game dynamics. One of the most important factors for getting users to connect with the game is visual gratification. As you can see, the flash of colors that follow the right move is very appealing and feels rewarding even through the creatives.

What We Can Learn from Toon Blast

If you are trying to develop your user acquisition strategy, looking at successful examples should be one of the first things you do. Using mobile ad intelligence tools, you can develop your app marketing strategy by analyzing the marketplace.

Peak Games is one of the leading gaming app developers in the world. Their game, Toon Blast has been consistently ranking in the grossing charts. This makes them a learning case for anyone developing mobile games. By distributing their creatives all around the world, they have managed to build a huge user base. They have also localized their creatives for increasing their organic rankings in important markets such as Japan.

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