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Getir: Delivering Success

The rapid delivery company Getir, based in Istanbul, Turkey, announced that they have raised 128 million dollars in a funding round according to Reuters. The app allows users to order anything they need from a variety of 1500+ groceries.

It is safe to say that the idea created a new market. Interest in the app has been overwhelming, resulting in an $850 million valuation in under 6 years. CEO Nazım Salur pointed at a possible international expansion after the funding rounds.

Now let’s take a quick look at the app’s data to see if we can gather any interesting insights.

Category Rankings for Getir

The app is listed in the Shopping category and it was already ranking high for a very long time. However, during the pandemic, the app raised its rankings in the overall category from around 80 to almost 3. It is likely that during lockdowns people chose to do their groceries online rather than going out.

The biggest competitor of the app can be considered Yemeksepeti. Originally a food delivery app, Yemeksepeti also started delivering groceries. Now, the two apps continue their clash even though Getir seems to be opening the gap with potential international expansions.

Keyword Intelligence for Getir

When we take a quick look at Getir’s Keyword Intelligence, we can see that the app is getting almost 10% of its downloads from Yemeksepeti’s brand keywords. With a visibility score of 91, it is safe to say that the app is easy to come across in the app stores.

Visibility Scores for Getir & Yemeksepeti

Taking a look at their visibility scores, it’s easy to see the amount of competition between these apps. While Yemeksepeti has a visibility score of 92.8, Getir is following very closely with a visibility score of 91,7.

With the correct execution, great ideas have the potential to reach incredible amounts of success. Getir is the perfect example of such a situation. A unique idea created its own market, and now the app is looking to take it to the next level.

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