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Process drawing design of 8000mm forging

Process drawing design of 8000mm forging

The 8000mm extra large tubesheet metal forging has large diameter and heavy weight, which exceeds the production capacity of 185mn oil press. It is very difficult to adopt integral forming, so it can only be formed in sections. In the past, tubesheet forgings with relatively large specifications were usually forged into square plates and then welded together.

Obviously, if this forming method is adopted, the forging weight is large and the cost is high. Therefore, a new forging process diagram must be proposed: it can not only ensure that the defects such as porosity in the forging can be compacted and welded, but also reduce the forging cost and meet the requirements of customers for die forging weight reduction.

Based on this, we optimize the forging process diagram and make full use of the metal flow law, and put forward the process design method of three-stage forming, namely: middle long arc plate forming + two end half arc plate forming, and the forging shape is close to the part shape to the greatest extent, which greatly reduces the forging process weight and reduces the forging manufacturing cost. See Fig. 1 for the process diagram of forging service.

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