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App Promotion Strategy – Prepare your App for the Day of eCommerce

The Black Friday, the day of eCommerce where merchants inaugurate the Christmas shopping season with sales, promotions, and very aggressive discounts is coming. Following ASOWorld App Promotion Strategy to prepare your App for the day of eCommerce. And even though this tradition is originally from North America, it has crossed the borders and is now celebrated in a lot of other countries in the world. Nowadays, Black Friday is mostly celebrated online / through mobile, and even more this year. Is your app ready for the big day?

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Table of Contents

Tips to make the most out of your app during Black Friday

If there is one day when you can make the most out of your app, it is Black Friday. And get ready because it’s already coming in one week! What was before all about getting to be the first one in the queues for the shopping centers is now about having a mobile device where, with a simple click, you can get the deal of the year.

For this to be possible, mobile app developers need to have their eCommerce apps ready and click proof as the purchases through smartphones are the ones that change the color of the retailers’ numbers from red to black.

But are mobile purchases really being that important during Black Friday? The answer is a categorical and capital-lettered YES. Let’s have a look at the record-breaking numbers of last year’s Black Friday.

Record-breaking numbers analysis of Black Friday 2019 and 2020 estimates

Black Friday sales are constantly growing. In 2019, they were 26% higher than in 2018. According to Adobe Analytics, a total of 7,4 billion dollars was spent during Black Friday last year, which makes it the second day with the more online sales in the whole history, right behind Cyber Monday the same year when a total of 7,9 billion dollars were spent.

We can also notice an evolution in the traffic year after year, with mobile traffic growing from 61% in 2018 (31% desktop, 7% tablet) to 67% in 2019 (28% desktop, 4% tablet). In terms of purchases, mobile sales are also growing with an almost 10% increase between 2018 and 2019, going from 45% to 54% and overtaking desktop sales.

In Spain, Black Friday generated more than 1.600 million euros of sales in 2019, 10% more than the previous year, with a consumer average spending of 256 euros. However, this year is different and we have to take into account that the coronavirus pandemic will have a huge impact on the big day. The time that we spend at home increased and impulsed eCommerce, and all the money that wasn’t spent on travels or leisure is expected to be dedicated to the end of the year purchases.

The online channel will be reinforced by the weakness of the offline channel.

This is what declared Google, and they also highlight that consumers, that unintentionally saved money during the pandemic, are looking for a way to compensate through online purchases.

As for the previsions for this year, a study from Privalia revealed that 89% of the purchases will be made online this Black Friday 2020. There are a lot of expectations for the stores to “recover” from this difficult year and all the purchases they could not generate throughout the year.

Get your app ready for Black Friday 2020

If you have an eCommerce mobile app, we recommend you to prepare it to capitalize on the explosion that is expected for that big sales day. To do so, we are sharing with you some tips that could be helpful for this Black Friday.

1. Try your app and make sure that your users get an uninterrupted experience

The majority of developers try their app when they launch it. However, the ideal way to do it is to try and test the app as much as necessary a few days before big days such as Black Friday. The days before these days are the best moments, for example, to try to buy something through the app to identify and fix any possible error or vanishing point during the purchasing process.

2. Promote the app before its launch

Black Friday is seen as the starting gunshot of the Christmas sales because, on that day, incredible purchase records are reached as users begin to search for Christmas presents and start preparing their lists from these days.

For this reason, it would be ideal for your app to be already optimized for Christmas present searches to be an optimal, fun, and easy experience. Once this is done, promote the app through your own channels (such as your website or your social media channels) and through campaigns that encourage users to download the app and buy. If you plan it with time, it is very likely that you get good results, so go ahead!

3. Innovate with ad formats

The only way you can get people to know about your app is by letting them know that you exist and communicating it the right way. To do so, you need previous planning. First, define the budget and the actions calendar. When this is all clear, you can now concentrate on the ad formats:

  • The most traditional option is to bet on traditional mobile banners, but you can also go for any more innovative format that helps you to get more easily to your target users and connect with them.
  • The full-screen interstitial ads have a clear advantage of taking the whole screen, especially if they are rich formats that offer an experience or a fun interaction to the users to discover the content.
  • The audio ads are a very interesting option: the users listen to the ad message without interrupting their activity.
  • There is also the possibility to choose native mobile ads that struggle against the desensitization of some users to the banners.
  • Don’t forget about push notifications. If you choose the messages well and send them at the right time, they could be one of your best app marketing tools. Learn here how to improve them.
  • Channels such as TikTok or Instagram are a safe bet for these days, if and when you clearly identified that your target audience uses these networks.
  • And if you have the budget… you can even consider TV!

4. Seasonal ASO for Black Friday

A few weeks before the big day, you can already see that some apps adapted their visual assets to Black Friday – this is what is commonly called seasonal ASO. Here you can see an example of the app SHEIN who recently changes some of its on-metadata ASO factors on Google Play, updating its featured image and its screenshots to adapt it to Black Friday and promote their discounts and offers.

To see the ASO on-metadata changes that were made by SHEIN, we used the Timeline feature of TheTool that allows you to see the changes of version, app icon, screenshots, features image (and more) in mobile app or game listings through time. It is a very useful feature, in that case, to compare SHEIN visuals before and after the changes in a very easy way and to know when they made these changes.

Seeing the example of the huge and powerful eCommerce that is SHEIN, we recommend you to update your mobile app during Black Friday, both in terms of visual and textual fields. For the visuals, add a tab that indicates that you have special discounts on your app icon and adapt the screenshots to highlight the discounts. As for the texts, remember to underline in the description that the app will have special discounts during Black Friday and add some details about the different discounts (product, price reduction) to attract the users.

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