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New Feature Updates: The PPC Edition From Digital Marketing Intelligence

Welcome to our monthly update on all feature developments to Digital Marketing Intelligence at Similarweb. This month we’ve gone big on PPC Research functionality and are excited to introduce the all-new Paid Search Overview and our new PPC Spend Estimation metric to you.


buy keyword installs

buy keyword installs


Competitive PPC research in an instant

Rev up your PPC strategy with our all-new Paid Search Overview page.

Users can now get a quick and comprehensive view of their competitors’ paid search strategies. The Paid Search Overview page includes our new PPC Spend Estimation metric. Along with other powerful traffic and engagement metrics on the page, you can see when competitors are investing in PPC campaigns, how their campaigns are performing in terms of traffic, and what paid channels they are using.


We’re providing performance marketers with a holistic view of any website’s paid search activity by offering metrics such as:

  • Total paid search traffic
  • Top paid keywords (with CPC and volume per paid keyword)
  • Estimated PPC spend
  • Paid search engagement metrics (visit duration, bounce rate, etc)

Dive into your competitors’ PPC strategy to understand what works, where gaps exist, and to discover opportunities to differentiate yourself and drive ROI from your own PPC tactics. Try the Paid Search Overview now.

PPC Spend Estimations

Analyze competitive ad spend budgets for paid search.

Our newest metric, PPC Spend Estimations, allows our users to reveal competitors’ estimated ad spend, potential budget, and how they deliver on paid search strategies.


PPC Spend helps users to:

  • Plan and justify paid search budgets
  • Understand the effectiveness of competitors’ paid search advertising activities and campaigns
  • Grow budgets based on knowledge of competitors’ PPC spend
  • Identify significant strategic shifts in competitive PPC spend over time


We make the decisions on which features to develop based on the feedback we receive from our amazing customers, so if you have any feedback on these updates or our other features, get in touch via our Live Chat, Social, or through your Account Manager.

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