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Instagram adds Community Content feature for businesses

Instagram adds Community Content feature for businesses

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Instagram adds Community Content feature for businesses

Instagram is expanding its features for businesses in the UK and launched Community Content.

The feature allows businesses to post content created by fans onto their product pages.

This could help retailers and brands show off good feedback from customers but also verify the fit and style of clothes and make-up. It’s like influencer marketing for free and everyone’s an influencer.

Businesses who tested the feature in the US, said that Community Content has helped to improve the shopping experience and customers report better relationships with retailers as a consequence.

Because content is user-generated, customers are more likely to trust the reviews.

The addition follows a series of shopping updates across the popular imaging app including a professional dashboard for businesses and creators and a dedicated shop tab that was launched late last year.

Instagram launches Professional Dashboard for businesses and creators

Instagram has launched a new Professional Dashboard for its creator and business community that allows people to track the performance of their posts and access better tools including educational information provided by Instagram.

The popular imaging app launched a series of business tools in 2020 already including Badges, a Shop, Checkout and Branded Content tools.

With the rollout of the Professional Dashboard, the company is coming full circle to bring all these features under a single hood.

And rightly so because Instagram is on a roll. Since November, some 82 million amounts visited its Professional Resources hub and 37 million accounts tapped at least one item on the app.

So what can users do with Professional Dashboard? They can track insights and trends based on the performance of their accounts.

They will also be able to access tools to grow their businesses and check whether and how they could monetise their account.

And they can learn more about how to make the most of the app via the new educational resources that offer tips, tricks and guidance.

Instagram adds Reels and Shop tab

Instagram has rolled out a Reels tab which will make it easier for users to share and discover creator videos. It also added a Shop tab that allows them to connect with brands and creators to discover products.

The company said the Reels tab was a way for people to share their creativity and find new audiences.

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