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App Store Strategy: How SaaS companies can improve their Customer Experience (CX)

App Store Strategy: How SaaS companies can improve their Customer Experience (CX)

Some of the best SaaS companies have achieved long-term success because of their obsession with the customer experience (CX). I mean, think of Amazon (US) and Uber. These companies are practically pioneers in the field of CX and look where’s it gotten them. However, designing and delivering a great experience in the software industry can be a bit of a challenge – that is, if you don’t know how to approach it properly.

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App Store Strategy: How SaaS companies can improve their Customer Experience (CX)?

The buying process in SaaS often involves multiple stakeholders and decisions are typically stretched out across multiple departments as well as individuals. And not only that, but in order to evaluate the customer experience, you have to look into a variety of different journeys, as well as countless touchpoints and interactions with users within your software.

And this ability to accurately evaluate and optimise your customer experience is becoming increasingly important for SaaS companies. In order to compete, they’re going to have to excel in it.

So what first steps should your SaaS company take to improve the customer experience?

Why is the Customer Experience so important for SaaS Companies?

Measuring and improving the customer experience is not only good for customers, it’s good for business. SaaS companies depend quite heavily on customer retention and an ongoing flow of revenue brought in by repeat customers. Therefore the customer experience serves as a huge differentiating factor and is what ultimately gives SaaS organisations an edge over their competition. Your first impression is everything and if your first-time users aren’t getting their expectations met, you’ll probably lose them right off the bat.

A focus on CX creates a competitive advantage that drives customer retention, revenue expansion and enterprise valuation over time.

– Gainsight

Tips for improving your customer experience

In order to provide a good customer experience, your SaaS company must take the right steps and prioritise the right areas for improvement. As a fellow SaaS organisation and company active in the area of CX, Mopinion knows what it takes to achieve a successful CX in SaaS.

That being said, we’d like to share a number of useful tips for SaaS organisations looking to improve their customer experience, starting with one of the most important steps.

Create a winning onboarding program

One of the most critical aspects of any SaaS experience is the onboarding process. User Onboarding is essentially the process of getting your customer better acquainted with the product they’ve purchased or signed up for. If your customer experiences a poor onboarding process (for example, they are confused, overwhelmed or can’t find something), it can be detrimental to your growth – especially considering it sets the tone for any future purchases or interactions with your business.

increase app visibility

Make sure you have a user-friendly website

Being a successful SaaS company doesn’t only mean providing a good customer experience within your application, but also on your website and any other digital channels you use such as mobile apps and email. The reason being is that prospects who are performing research prior to selecting a SaaS provider are doing so on your website. Here they should be able to easily find and learn more about your solution as well as feel encouraged to give it a try.

So what might you be doing wrong? There are a number of small blunders that may be putting off potential customers from choosing your solution. For example, maybe your website has:

  • Slow loading times,
  • Unclear website content,
  • Ineffective navigations,
  • Page errors,
  • Lack of mobile compatibility,
  • Missing Call-To-Actions (i.e. demo or trial registrations),
  • And more.

These elements and more are so critical to your SaaS website and therefore your customer experience. By optimising pages that bring on these types of hurdles, you’ll be on the right path towards a smoother customer experience.

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