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Google launches new ad tools for improved insights

Google launches new ad tools for improved insights

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Google launches new ad tools for improved insights

Google has launched a range of new advertising tools that aim to help advertisers gain more insights into their ads.

As searches for “online shopping” and “delivery” jumped 140% in 2020 in light of the COVID pandemic, Google has been busy extending its tools for that can shed light on developing trends.

The new insights tools help advertisers see contextual and automated insights.

A second option is an opt-in feature that lets marketers add campaign and performance recommendations. Every time, the Google algorithm spots an opportunity to improve a campaign, a marketer can implement these recommendations.

Matt Brittin, president of Google Europe, Middle East and Africa, said:

“Body&Fit, an Irish company offering sports nutrition, food supplements and dietary products, was affected by a decline in in-store sales and international shipment delays during local lockdowns” said Brittin. “By using health and fitness insights across a number of countries, the brand was able to find new opportunities for growth and even expanded into new markets. As a result, by the end of last year, it saw a 90 per cent year-over-year increase in revenue.”

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