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Essentials of Keyword Optimization for App Store

Essentials of Keyword Optimization for App Store

Table of Contents


Essentials of Keyword Optimization for App Store

1. Where to use keywords

APP title Keyword Introduction.

2. Establish a keyword library

Before doing ASO, first set up a keyword database of your own products. In the first phase, you don’t need to think too much about what keywords should be used. You can pull down the keywords of competing products directly, and then the current popular keywords Get in together, classify and establish a set of keyword libraries for your own products, and then gradually adjust, optimize and add classifications during verification.

3. Keep changing keywords and verify step by step

When the keyword database is ready, start to verify these keywords. The query popularity of the first period and the first period will continue to verify the unsatisfactory new words and continue to optimize the hot keywords in the gradual update. Finally, Get a relatively stable and highly popular keyword structure.

4. Rhythmically update and maintain keywords

Because the keyword updates of the App Store need to follow the version update, it cannot be done anytime and anywhere like SEO. Although the current App Store review speed has been greatly improved, it still takes two or three days;

Considering that too frequent version updates actually cause interference and harm to users, it is more reasonable to maintain a certain rhythm of keyword update and maintenance, and ASO is a long-term process, and the effect of frequent updates in the short term is not as expected. So ideal.

5. Follow up and comment

Comment is also a point that ASO should pay attention to. It mainly uses the keywords in the comment to achieve the purpose of influence;

But you can do a balance when making reviews. The basic review methods are done in conjunction with other products. I will download your product reviews, and you can download my product reviews. Of course, the reviews are compiled in advance. With his own keywords, the other party just used his iPhone, which is an unusually wasteful process of time and energy.

There are two ways to make comments: one is to make 20 or 30 comments every day, and spend two or three hours on the comments every day. The result may bring me an increase of 20 to 40, and the ranking is basically stable at one. In a small interval; the other is that I brushed about 30 items today, which brought me an increase of 50 or 60, and the ranking rose by a bit. I will take a rest tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I will not comment, and the ranking will fall again. Brushing about 30 items brought me another fifty or sixty increments, and the ranking went up again.

Both of these methods are desirable, but the first one consumes too much time in daily work, and the pay and return have not reached a balance, and the second one maintains a relatively stable ranking through intermittent reviews. Wandering within the range of, and reached a certain download increment. On average, it may be similar to the final effect of the first type, but the effort will be significantly less, and the effort and return may be more balanced and worthwhile;

6. About foreign AppStore

Generally speaking, foreign AppStores can also give some attention, such as Japan, the United States, Australia, etc. Although the search volume in foreign areas is very small or almost non-existent, fortunately, there are almost no large-scale foreign areas. Keyword optimization, as long as you do it, it is basically possible to achieve your own optimization goals;

In addition, doing a good job of keyword optimization in foreign regions is said to have a certain impact on the ranking and popularity of the mainland region. For example, if you do a good job of keywords in the Japanese region, it will help to increase the popularity of keywords in the mainland region.

7. Some points to note

You can try to include some big companies or big product names in the APP introduction, and there may be unexpected opportunities and effects;

Don’t choose overheated words. It’s not necessary, because everyone is playing this word. When the volume is small, it is basically impossible to rush to the front, because in the ranking of the same keyword, the App Store basically ranks according to the number of downloads. , So there is no need to waste time and energy on such hot words with no chance;

Do not repeat the title, keywords, and introduction. Repeatedly repeating a keyword will not bring much obvious effect. On the contrary, the repeated word will occupy the character position and waste more possible opportunities.

8. The key to ASO is perseverance

Generally speaking, the effect of ASO is basically 3-5 months. ASO is not an immediate effect like paid promotion. It is a process of long-term adherence to long-term maintenance. The purpose of ASO is achieved when it rises slowly; although it is boring, every day There is hardly any change, but perseverance is the process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

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