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Content more important focus for mobile ad campaigns post-COVID

Content more important focus for mobile ad campaigns post-COVID

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Content more important focus for mobile ad campaigns post-COVID

Mobile advertisers are expected to spend more on content campaigns with 70% admitting that context has become more important than ever before.

While personalised targeting remains an important focus for many marketers, were those consumers are has gained significant attention over the last year.

That’s according to a survey by Advertiser Perceptions which found that over half of advertisers also plan to spend more ad dollars on gaming campaigns (53%) and kids’ programming (51%).

Compare that to December 2019 when just 36% said they would invest in gaming and 15% planned to spend on kids’ programming.

It’s clear that advertisers have noticed that a growing number of people are spending time in mobile games.

“Walled gardens, especially the large social platforms, have the resources to adapt to privacy and regulatory changes,” said Lauren Fisher, EVP/Business Intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions. “But they need to reassure advertisers with better solutions for brand safety and protections against fraud, in addition to proving their privacy compliance.”

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At the same time, lifestyle (43%) and entertainment (48%) continue to attract investment from marketers.

Ad context is more important than ever given changing data privacy laws. These are likely to make personalisation and targeting harder to achieve.

“Social platforms are most responsible for why the quality of creative is at an all-time high,” said Sarah Bolton, EVP/Business Intelligence at Advertiser Perceptions. “They’ve driven much of the progress in ad format offerings and know what works, with programs like Stories ads from Snap and Instagram leading the way. Users lean forward and engage in these social experiences, which gives creative agency teams a great canvas for creativity.”

Paid social continues to be a key strategy for many advertisers looking to ramp up their spending.

Meanwhile, 57% of advertisers are also looking to up spending in podcasts and 50% will boost spending on eCommerce.

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